The use of sex toys is still stigmatized by the majority of people regardless of gender and age. Hopefully, the internet provided us with a ton of information on the subject, and scientific researchers say that masturbation is a healthy process.

The use of Fleshlights and other sex toys makes the process safer and more anatomical.

Besides, a Fleshlight is a perfect endurance tool that you can sleeve to boost up your stamina. The manufacturer offers several models, starting from the realistic sleeves and finishing with the ones destined to help men fight premature ejaculation.

You’ll probably be surprised to know that many doctors advise using them as an additional therapy for those who have erection troubles linked to surgery or chemotherapy.

And, of course, a Fleshlight becomes a nice replacement for the couples who can’t meet each other for intimacy. A Fleshlight is a routine thing that can change your daily life for the better.

What Is a Fleshlight?

It’s a product of an American company that has been active in the market of intimate toys for about 23 years.

Founded in 1998, this manufacturer has been producing artificial vaginas with different orifices: basic, mouth, vagina, and anus. There are also special series molded from the most famous porn stars. The choice of skin tones is vast.

It’s a patented tool designed by Steve Shubin. This invention was presented as a tool for discreet sperm collection. The name of the toy stands for a special material that feels like real flesh to the touch.

Of course, we cannot say it’s entirely realistic, but it’s very stimulating. There are about 50 inner textures that you can order. The inner sleeve made of the branded SuperSkin sleeve material can be taken out of the case and turned inside out for easier maintenance.

The manufacturer also offers Alien and Freak collections looking different from the basic models. These are sci-fi designs that have nothing to do with habitual toys.

There’s a ton of similar products in the market, but it seems to be the most popular. It offers easy maintenance and pleasing sensations. You can use the sleeves with or without the cases.

Fleshlight: Men’s Opinions

We’ve looked through the reviews of the real users, and here’s what we’ve managed to find out.

  • No, it’s not life-like. But it’s several times better than your hand. Of course, it needs maintenance comparing to a regular hand job. Nevertheless, it’s a great stimulating device for enjoyable masturbation or sex endurance training.
  • Cleaning can be annoying. The chambers of the inner sleeve are very textured, and you have to clean them out to make the material last longer. You’ll need to wash it in running water after every use and apply cornstarch or special powder to prevent your Fleshlight from becoming sticky.
  • Some say that it’s more pleasant than a real feel. Besides, it’s a convenient device for those who regard masturbation like this as a healthy process. It’s an anatomically designed tool with satisfying pressure and stimulation.
  • If you are not ready to pay for an expensive model, a TENGA egg will help you experience something in common. A TENGA masturbator looks discreet and is made on the base of a common material. Of course, it has nothing in common with a real vagina, but it works perfectly fine.
  • A Fleshlight delivers significant head stimulation, which is not pleasant for some men. Of course, if you’re a fan of edging, it will do.
  • Some men get fed up with the cleaning and regular maintenance. This masturbator delivers surprising sensations for the first couple of times. Later, you get back to the regular hand job. If you are not a horny lover of sex toys, you might forget about this enjoyment tool.
  • Fleshlights produce a special noise in the process. You have to use them with water-based lubes, and the noise appearing in the process can distract you. Some men find these sounds breathtaking, but others find it funny, which is a serious obstacle when you’re trying to focus on the process and the result.

My Fleshlight: My Story

I knew about Fleshlight products for a long time, but I’ve never thought about them seriously. I joked about these things with my friends and merely laughed at the idea of getting one for myself. I regularly met posts on Facebook and could never understand why so many men found it superb.

My close friends never told me about their experiences because they never bought them for themselves. Several days ago, I developed a new opinion.

The first thing I want to say is that I’m a full-fledged, independent man who does not need parents’ help and lives a happy life with daily work, romantic affairs, and enjoyable pastimes (I’m keen on horse riding). I’m not fond of masturbation, but when I don’t have a chance to have an affair with my regular partner, I take matters into my own hands.

About a month ago I was watching porn and paid my attention to a Fleshlight ad. If you have no idea what it is, it’s a guy’s sex toy for penis insertion. I can say it’s an equivalent of a dildo for a woman. At a certain moment, I understood that there’s nothing wrong with having a sex toy for myself, like the women.

I found this idea acceptable and started my research. I had to do a sort of homework to find out more about the product. Using our hands is a stable, habitual thing, but most users said that Fleshlight masturbators were a great jerk-off improvement.

I visited the official website and learned enough about how to use it. I didn’t have any preferences, so I decided to purchase the oldest, basic version of the toy for a test. My Fleshlight arrived discreetly packed.

At first, I didn’t understand what it was because I regularly order something from the internet. It’s hard to explain, but I couldn’t open the box for several days. It seems that I was too excited about the whole thing. In about a week I decided to test it.

The overall design of the tool reminds me of a regular, big flashlight. The whole thing is very discreet, and it’s unlikely that someone will understand what it is if you leave it on an open shelf. You can easily hide it under the sink with cleaning products tools for washing.

None of your household members and neighbors will understand what it is. I dimmed the lighting, turned on some porn, and had a look at the instruction. I had to apply a bit of water-based lube on the orifice, a bit inside the texture, and a bit on the penis. I waited until I was ready for the insertion and slid myself into the Fleshlight.

Now I know that every man should have a Fleshlight in the drawer. If your lady is hesitant about buying you a Fleshlight, please, make her do it. A thing like this should be an active part of your sex toy set.

It didn’t feel as natural as the manufacturer promised, but it was very close to having sex. It was an unbelievable feeling that I now want to get back to from time to time. I’m not willing to boast or something, but my penis is pretty thick and long, which is not always comfortable for my partner.

I don’t want to hurt my lady, but I don’t have to be gentle with the Fleshlight. I can go all the way through, balls-deep. I had a very intense orgasm in the end. There were about a couple of minutes of shaking in the legs, and then I fell asleep.

When I woke up, I decided to clean it at once. The maintenance is not fast, but it’s very simple. You merely need to separate the inner part from the case and wash it with warm running water. You can also purchase special cleaning solutions for your Fleshlight. You know, I have never slept so well for the last few years.

I had to share my experience because it was surprisingly good. It’s a very good investment that you’ll never regret making.

Fleshlight Main Pros

It’s the number one jerk-off device in the world. The main good qualities are:

  • Imitation of oral, anal, and vaginal sex texture;
  • Safety for the body and hypoallergenic materials;
  • Easy cleaning and durability;
  • Discreetness and portability;
  • A wide variety of good choices – the number of models is suitable to the most sophisticated tastes!


The whole construction does not feel like a real woman, but the material feels like real skin to the touch. It’s gentle, smooth, and safe for the skin.

Sleeve Design

The inner part of the Fleshlight is a channel with several chambers, depending on the model. It’s a good, stretching thing that will be suitable for all penis sizes. Even if you are girthy, you’ll have no trouble penetrating it.

Suction & Venting

There’s a good venting control system that can be adjusted to your needs. This way you’ll prevent the appearance of potentially harmful air pressure from the inside and allow yourself to get the satisfying amount of suction with an adjustable cap. Your penis skin will be prevented from breakdowns and soreness.

Easy Maintenance & Discreetness

The Fleshlight texture will last a lifetime if you treat it properly. Regular, good maintenance is crucial not only for hygienic reasons but for the life of your good but expensive jerk-off device. Storing and transporting are also effortless.

Fleshlight FAQs

Is it a recommended product?

Of course. It’s one of the most trustworthy, good products in the market. If you’re a newbie, you can start with the basic models for beginners.

If you’re already keen on Fleshlight products, have a look at the list of the best products from the manufacturer. Some of them are designed to train your endurance while the others are designed to be close to real-life sex feelings.

What are the best models?

The list of most popular Fleshlight models includes:

  • Stamina Practice Models;
  • Beginner Options;
  • Clear, Transparent Sleeves;
  • Anal Sleeves;
  • Tight Sleeves;
  • Realistic Masturbators;
  • Intense Masturbators.

Are Fleshlights good?

Of course. They are really good. Something is making these sex tools popular among the majority of men on the planet. There are replacements available in the market, but they are incomparable to the original brand. Fleshlight is about delivering the most enjoyable sensations.

In particular, it offers texture options, sizes, and shapes. You can even choose the colors to your liking. The competitors do not offer such a good number of choices.

You can always order a fully customized Fleshlight to make it fully suitable for your needs. You’ll be surprised by a huge selection of models. There are discrete and small options, as well as fully automated self-moving masturbators.

All textures are different, and we cannot say whether some of them are better or not. You should look for something suitable for your needs. It’s an impressive improvement to your hand. Is it as good as many men say? Oh, yes.

Why are they so expensive?

Some models can be very expensive, especially if you’re into customized options. Using your hand for free is not a trouble and is entirely natural. Nevertheless, a Fleshlight brings you to a new level of sensations. It’s hard to compare it with regular masturbation.

They are among the priciest models in the market. However, it’s not overpriced because it can last a lifetime. You merely have to clean your Fleshlight regularly. It’s a valuable investment.

The feeling it gives is incredible. They are not about the real feel – they are about something new, uncommon, and very powerful. The models and textures are different. Nevertheless, the material is always the same.

SuperSkin has an exceptionally realistic surface. Besides, it’s long-lasting. Good caution and care will save it from breakage and deterioration. You only have to care for the inner component of the tool. The case is made of plastic, and you can even bleach it if you want.

Yes, they are expensive, but they are worth every penny paid. It’s a new jerk-off experience that can be surprisingly pleasing compared to regular masturbation. It’s an FDA-approved tool popular all over the planet at present, with more than 20 years of experience.

Are Fleshlights Good? Bottom Line

They are good, certainly. They are functional toys that can do a lot of good to your physical and psychological health.

The only thing they need is regular maintenance. They are made out of long-lasting materials that don’t need any special maintenance solutions except for warm water and a bit of starch.

  • They don’t replace regular sex, but they are better than regular masturbation;
  • They last a lifetime, but they should be washed out properly after every use;
  • They can be used as endurance training tools;
  • They are popular among the majority of men;
  • They are released in many forms, colors, and shapes;
  • They look discreet, and you’ll never have problems with the storage.

A toy like this deserves an investment. Nevertheless, you should understand that the device is gentle. Wash it out properly, and never forget about the cleaning solutions offered by the manufacturer.