5 Best Sex Robots Reviewed: What Is The Best Sex Robot for You?

Being through the pandemic has been a disturbing time, especially if you are the one interested in occasional dates with ladies in the bars and clubs. Hopefully, high-tech breakthroughs and jerk-off robots made sex available even if the intimacy has to be distant.

Pandemic-induced dating can now be at least partially substituted with satisfying sex robots. These are automatic masturbators looking like flashlights or fold-out eggs, replicating a normal physiological relationship.

We hope our review will help you pick out the right sex robot suitable for your needs and the needs of your distant partner as well (yeah, you can have enjoyable remote sex controlled through mobile applications).


  • It’s a real-feel blowjob stimulation thanks to the artificial intelligence adapting to your moves
  • There are three interchangeable sleeves made of 100% silicone
  • They offer effortless maintenance and fit most sizes


Lelo F1S
  • 2 hours of charging are enough for 2 hours of sexual stimulation
  • Insertable length is 4.3 inches
  • Insertable width is 1.6 inches


  • The length of the sex toy is 9.5 inches
  • The diameter is 3.33 inches
  • There’s a USB cable and a manual in the set


  • The weight is about 0.5 pounds
  • The size of the sex tool is 4.6 x 2.6 x 2.8 inches
  • There are 9 Speed Oscillator modes


  • The diameter of the canal is 0.5 inches
  • The length of the internal canal is 6 inches
  • There’s a strong vacuum effect, delivering heightened sensations

1. Autoblow A.I. Tech Sex Robot Review

Autoblow A.I. is one of the top robots ever produced by this manufacturer. The previous models had never been as promising as this one. This sex stimulation device has a lot to surprise you with, starting with its powerful and quiet motor and finishing with the blowjob modes, satisfying for the majority of the customers.

Our Pick
True-to-life skin

Various blowjob experience: full stroke, intense edge, fast edge, teasing slow stroke, top stroke, bottom stroke, top & bottom stroke, a masterstroke, and full A.I. experience.

  • 10 speeds
  • 9 modes
  • 3 sleeves
  • 100% silicone

Basic Features

  • The batteries are not required as this machine works from a regular electrical outlet. It’s safe and convenient.
  • It’s a VR-compatible stimulation device – merely hold it in place and enjoy the action.
  • It’s one of the incredible sex robots officially tested and offered in the market – positive reviews prove it.
  • Cleaning the sleeve is one of the most effortless procedures. Merely take it out of the case, wash it with soapy water, and let it dry on its own. Don’t forget to purchase renewal powder from the manufacturer so that your toy stays hygienically protected.
  • The motor is built to last. The joints and the whole construction are full metal.
  • The motor has been significantly improved comparing to the initial model. It’s a lot quieter and several times more powerful than the original model.

Technical Characteristics & Measurements

  • There are 9 blowjob modes;
  • There are 10 speeds;
  • A convenient edge button will help you pause the process and return to the experience as soon as you might want;
  • The material is true-to-life skin – you won’t feel the difference.

Pros & Cons


  • The sleeve is very flexible and suitable for the majority of men;
  • You can personalize the artificial blowjob process in line with your needs;
  • It’s a life-like blowjob experience you’ll enjoy with a soul-satisfying orgasm;
  • Artificial Intelligence adjusts to your needs and performance;
  • It’s significantly quieter compared to the previous Autoblow models.


  • There’s no rechargeable battery, and you can’t use it without an electric outlet.

2. F1S Sex Robot by LELO Review

It’s one of the most popular tech sex devices combining the science and natural needs of the user. It’s a powerful stimulation device delivering the strongest sensations. The internal sensors are customizable.

2 powerful motors

The device was designed for one-hand control. It’s simple, intensive, and entirely satisfying.

  • Length: 4.3
  • 10 sensors
  • 3 button
  • Work: 2 hours

Basic Features

  • The robot works through a convenient mobile application. It’s iOS and Android compatible. You can download the application at the official LELO website.
  • The body of this robot is made of aluminum with wisely designed textures for a more convenient and firm grip.
  • There’s a window on the front panel so that you could enjoy the view and the stimulation at the same time.
  • The internal material is skin-safe silicone that feels like natural skin. The realistic curves and grooves will deliver heightened sensations to the user.
  • There are 10 performance sensors with non-standard vibrations destined to stimulate not only the surface of the penis but its inner parts, which will help to achieve the best orgasms.

Specifications & Measurements

  • Basic materials are aluminum, ABS, and silicone;
  • The color of the casing is matte black;
  • 3-button interface control;
  • 10 sensors and 2 powerful motors;
  • The sex robot gets fully charged in 2 hours;
  • The weight of the sex robot is about 0.6 pounds.

Pros & Cons


  • The shipping is free, and the goods from this manufacturer arrive discreetly packed;
  • It’s fast and delivers intensive vibrations;
  • The device flawlessly connects with the application, and the settings are very intuitive;
  • It’s one of the most affordable and effective tools for the “small” guys;
  • The inner material is pleasant for the penetration and feels like real skin;
  • The maintenance is not hard;
  • It’s a stylish and very discreet device that can perfectly serve as a present for your beloved.


  • The insert seems to be too short for the majority of the customers (it’s less than 5 inches), and the sex robot is perfect for edging, not for a full masturbation experience;
  • There’s no stroking action – merely intensive vibration;
  • It’s not as realistic as the majority of sex robots from this premium sex good section;
  • You can’t run the app in the background and watch porn at the same time.

3. Max 2 Sex Robot by Lovense Review

It’s a revolution in the world of male tech toys. It’s designed to deliver pleasure and it does, judging by the reviews of the users.

Innovative software

The kit includes the brand sleeve delivering multiple sensations at a time. The vibrator is extended so that a user could enjoy the balls-deep penetration experience.

  • 2 sleeve
  • Length: 9.5
  • Diameter: 3.33
  • USB cable

Basic Features

  • The contractions are 360-degrees so that none of the areas of your penis would stay
  • The air vent on the back will help you control the suction so that nothing could distract you from the masturbation process.
  • 2 sleeve types are available – mouth and vagina. Both of them are suitable for the majority of sizes.
  • Max 2 works with the help of innovative software, making local control and long-distance sex available.
  • The toy can be controlled from any corner of the world as long as there’s an internet connection available.
  • There are 7 vibration settings: low, medium, high, pulse, wave, fireworks, and earthquake.
  • There are 3 contraction options: subtle, mild, and deep.
  • It’s rechargeable and water-resistant.
  • Max 2 sex robot can interact with the other toys of the manufacturer through a mobile application.

Specifications & Measurements

  • Use a Bluetooth adapter to connect all of your Lovense sex robots to your personal computer;
  • You’ll need about 2 hours for a complete charge.

Pros & Cons


  • The preprogrammed patterns are incredible – they make you cum without moving the device;
  • Max 2 makes a perfect couple with Lovense Nora, allowing both partners to enjoy distant sex through the integrated programming and mutually responding vibrations;
  • The latest Max 2 version is easier for maintenance and control;
  • The sex tool is discreet, portable, and lightweight;
  • There’s a magnetic charging system.


  • It’s not waterproof;
  • The suction effect is too loud;
  • You won’t enjoy the vibrations until you get the entire penis inside.

4. Pulse Solo Essential Sex Robot by Hot Octopuss Review

It’s a next-generation male masturbator suitable for any man at any age. It can be used even if the penis is not hard enough for stimulation. Merely insert the flaccid penis in and enjoy the pleasing vibrations.

High-grade silicone

The sex toy is designed for a flawless hands-free experience. The design is versatile, which means that Pulse Solo Essential is suitable for all penis sizes.

  • 9 modes
  • Work: 1 hour
  • Noise: 55dB
  • Charging cable

Basic Features

  • The sex device works perfectly fine with either erect or flaccid penis. Specialists and physicians often recommend it as a tool for those who have problems with erection because of age or medication therapies.
  • It’s a very powerful, high-amplitude sex device. Reaching a hands-free climax is never a problem with it. Besides, it’s the best choice for those who prefer stroking and edging.
  • It’s a water-resistant sex toy, so you can take it to the shower or use it with an impressive amount of water-based lube.
  • There are 5 vibration settings. The frequency is adjustable.

Specifications & measurements

  • The materials are ABS and high-grade silicone;
  • The color is smoke;
  • The battery is fully rechargeable – you’ll need about 3 hours for the full charge;
  • Maximum working time is about 1 hour;
  • The noise level is < 55dB
  • The charging cable is included in the package.

Pros & Cons


  • This toy will help you achieve an unpredictably longer and more powerful orgasm with tingling nerve endings;
  • If you struggle with erections, Pulse sex robot will help you out;
  • It’s one of the best rehabilitation devices after prostate surgery;
  • It’s compact and has a satisfying number of speed settings.


  • Many users say it does not stay in place with the flaccid penis – you do have to deal with some hand job on your own, which does not cost you the price set by the manufacturer.

5. Tenga Flip Masturbation Device Review

It’s a stealthy masturbation device aimed to deliver thrilling sensations and enjoyable climaxes. This sex toy has nothing to do with the standard strokers. Open it up like a book for effortless cleaning, and enjoy all its bumps and ripples in the process of stroking.

Vacuum effect

The sex toy is very discreet. You’ll never have any trouble with the storage or taking it with you if you’re a keen traveler.

  • Length: 6
  • Diameter: 0.5
  • Fantasy textures
  • Intensive stimulation

Basic Features

  • The textures of the inner surface usually result in explosive orgasms thanks to the intensive stimulation, that you can regulate thrusting the device in the process of stroking.
  • The masturbator can be used for both erect or flaccid penis, which makes it a convenient tool for someone struggling with erections because of the health condition.

Specifications & Measurements

  • The material is water-resistant;
  • The material is hypoallergenic soft plastic and soft silicone.

Pros & Cons


  • The maintenance is super easy;
  • It’s very tight and pleasing around the cock;
  • The tightness of the grip can be adjusted in the process of sexual stimulation;
  • The design is very cool – the sex toy can become a nice present for someone you love;
  • It’s one of the most convenient manual masturbators for those who have never tried anything like this before.


  • It’s not the best choice for stroking if you’re a “big” guy;
  • The loud slurping sound is disturbing for some of the users;
  • The silicone inside of the plastic casing seems to be too flimsy and thin;
  • It’s nice, but not durable enough for the price.

What is better – a sex robot or a manual masturbator?

Everything depends on the needs and preferences because there are premium options in both categories. A manual masturbator will be a better choice for someone willing to experience real-life penetration. Robots will deliver newer sensations – they will help you achieve a hands-free orgasm. A climax reached with a vibrating sex machine can be hard to achieve, but you’ll enjoy the new sensation that you cannot get through manual stroking.

How does an egg masturbator perform?

An egg masturbator is very stretchy and should be used with a sufficient amount of water lube. You stretch it as you go while its thicker material warms up giving you a possibility to get deeper in the process. It’s a very discreet egg-shaped sex device that you can take with you wherever you are because it looks stealthy. It takes little room and can be kept in a pocket.

Do sex robots or manual masturbators have anything in common with the real thing?

You should detach yourself from thinking about the “real thing” when it’s about sex toys and robots. A masturbation device is destined to deliver new sensations – the ones that will never occur with regular sex, especially if it’s about the automatic tools. Yes, the materials of the premium sex toys are very close-to-life and feel like real skin, especially if there’s a preliminary warm-up function. You’ll also need to add up a bit of water-based lube to make the process satisfying. Nevertheless, a sex robot or a manual masturbator is perfect intimacy replacements if there’s no possibility to meet with your beloved.

Choosing the Best Sex Robot: Bottom Line

The first thing is to understand whether you want a fully automatic device or a manual one. The first robots will deliver new sensations, while the second ones will be closer to real penetration. Not all automatic robots are waterproof. Some of them have to be charged for a couple of hours, while some of them work while being connected to an electric outlet.

Almost all premium masturbation robots deserve to become your masturbation helpers, but you should pay attention to the depth of the inner canal. If you want to experience a full penetration, you’ll have to pay more.

If edging and a bit of vibration are enough for you, you can save a lot of money. Besides, some models can synchronize with the other devices of the same manufacturer through a mobile app. This way you can have distant sex with your beloved partners.