So there is more than one sex toy in your collection… They’re so delightful and satisfying that you don’t imagine masturbation or sex without them. Probably, they already have names. They help you deal with depression, sexual excitement and sexual dissatisfaction, loneliness, and more. They are very convenient tools to have close to you daily, as well as your beloved furniture items.

Unfortunately, a sex-positive attitude is not popular due to many reasons, starting with upbringing and finishing with religious preferences.

Some people merely feel embarrassed when they see someone’s sex toys exposed. Besides, you have to hide them from your elderly relatives and kids for ethical reasons. It’s better to store such things from unexpected visitors.

Well, we’ve made a nifty guide on the most convenient ways of hiding sex toys not to get in an awkward situation ever again.

Besides, we will teach you how to keep these sex items clean and properly maintained. If you ignore the maintenance, one day, your sex devices will start degrading and unsafe for use.

TOP 13 Handy Ways of Hiding Your Sex Toys

1. A Bedside Table Box

Not everyone has a bedside drawer, but you can significantly improve the atmosphere in your bedroom with decorative boxes from IKEA.

They add up not only to the whole atmosphere of the room, but they also bring much additional space you can use for your sex items.

About three ones will be enough to store a lot of stuff at once. You can also use these boxes as bedside tables. It’s cheap and very discreet. Putting them on top of each other will help you rearrange the storage space.

2. Plastic Suitcases

Empty traveling suitcases can be used not only for your luggage. What’s the point in keeping empty suitcases unused? They take much space, but they can also provide room for all of your toys.

If you want to hide them away from the prying eyes, don’t forget to place some old clothing above the toys and lock the suitcase.

If you have curious kids at home, use a padlock so that none of them could get inside. Merely say you are keeping the suitcase for another adventure. Keep the suitcase on top of the closet if possible.

3. Shoeboxes

Do you keep new pairs of shoes in the boxes? Try using ones. It’s among the most trusted, discreet places not only for intimate things but for money and jewelry as well. They rarely attract attention. Shoeboxes do not look suspicious because it doesn’t look like they have something interesting in them.

4. An Organza Bag with a Draw-String

Small jewelry items are often kept in draw-string bags. Cock rings and nipple clamps can be easily stored in bags like these. These tiny bags can be stored together in one box or a drawer. Besides, they provide easy access, when you urgently need the toy. The bags can be either transparent or not, it’s up to you to decide how discreet you want your toy to be.

5. Socks

The drawer you use for the socks is one of the most discreet places where none of your visitors would like to look.

Merely find several woolen winter socks and place your toys inside them. This way they will be protected from excessive moisture, temperature changes, and physical damage from rubbing with the other objects. Mix the “filled” socks with the other ones and enjoy your innovation.

6. Tissue Box

Using a tissue box for the storage of sex devices is a triple win. Firstly, you can easily keep the box close to your bed. Secondly, the tissues inside the box are like a cushion for the fragile sex toys. Thirdly, the tissues will help you immediately deal with the mess, if it happens in the process of use. Of course, be careful if you have visitors with severe hay fever.

7. Specially-Designed Plastic Containers for Storage

Those users who already know enough about sex items and their peculiarities already have a sufficient amount of storage cases for all sex devices.

There are specifically designed hidden storage drawers, mesh pockets, plastic containers with locks, and even special discreet suitcases that you can take with you while traveling.

8. Large Handbag Pockets

Store your intimate items in the inner pockets of the large handbags. These pockets have already proved themselves convenient for pads and tampons.

There’s no need in taking your sex toy wherever you go with your bag. Merely leave one in the closet and let it serve as a space for sex toys. Easy, peasy!

9. A Tampon Box

If you’re a woman who’s fond of sex tools, and if you’re using tampons, you might know that most men try to avoid inspecting these sanitary products.

Well, most people are not interested in peeking inside tampon boxes.

The only thing you should remember is to keep your vibrating bullets and butt plugs in tampon boxes but never in the bathroom, where someone can grab a box in case of emergency. Keep the tampon box in your bedroom.

10. A Poster Tube

Dildos, vibrators, magic wands, and other long and slim sex toys can be conveniently kept in long and hard tubes. They usually come with posters and some documents.

You can also purchase a couple of them in one of the local art stores. Or order a new poster for the nursery or for the garage to get a poster and a cardboard tube together.

Don’t forget about the hard tubes and containers for alcohol bottles. They are discreet, perfectly designed, and serve as great storage options for all sex toys. So, if you’re choosing a bottle of whiskey for a party, grab the one that comes with a box.

11. A Stuffed Toy

Unfriend anyone who tells you that having stuffed toys at home is solely for the kids. Stuffed animals and decorative pillows can be perfect storage options for sex tools.

There are stuffed animals coming with a hidden poach inside. There are handbags looking like stuffed animals. You can also buy a toy to your liking, get rid of the stuffing, and sew in the zipper. It’s a very safe option, and it’s unlikely that someone will learn about your secret.

12. Hanging Storage Slots

If there’s enough space in your closet, consider using hanging storage units to keep there something more than socks and underwear.

Place your toy between the layers of the underwear and stay sure that no one will get access to it because it’s unlikely that someone will get into your closet because of curiosity.

You can even keep the intimate stuff in the hanging drawers for the shoes. Just make sure the space is clean and dry.

13. Storing Under the Bed

Well, this thing is obvious, but what can be better than storing your intimate toys close at hand? Use the space under the bed.

Small boxes, pouches, and non-transparent plastic containers will help you deal with the matter. It’s an easy-to-reach place that you can use without any fuss.

Now you know the basics about the ways of hiding sex toys, you can easily avoid embarrassing situations. Enjoy the peaceful and sensational pleasure without being afraid of getting revealed by your relatives and occasional visitors.

Easy-To-Find Ways to Hide Sex Toys

So, now you have a fully accumulated sex toy collection and you’re still looking for convenient storage options. You have to keep the toys away from your relatives, pets, and random visitors. If you’re a student, you are interested in hiding your intimate devices from your roommates. Is there anything sensible you can do? Of course, you can. We will tell you how.

We can share advice on how to keep your sex toys properly arranged, hidden, and easily accessible.

We’ve grouped numerous recommendations. Some of them are plain, while the other ones are more inventive. We’ll also share more advice on how to sanitize, charge, and lock the plastic containers for the sex devices.

You’ll be surprised at how useful the simplest solutions can be. Note that in this article, we are talking about normal-sized sex devices. Huge dildos and sex dolls should be kept with the use of specific storage solutions and maintenance tools.

Why is storage important?

You have to keep your toys organized

Keep your intimate tools arranged in one place. There’s nothing worse than running around for protection items, lubricants, and toys when you need them urgently.

You have to keep everything clean

To avoid infections and unwanted rashes, make sure your toys are always clean.

As soon as you finish with sex or masturbation, wash everything thoroughly with warm soapy water (or whatever the instruction for the toy says).

The places where you keep them should be waterproof and away from dust and hair. Non-silicone materials kept together with the silicone ones can deteriorate them. So you should keep each of the devices separately, in individual pouches and containers.

You have to keep things hidden from the others

We are sure you don’t want people in your household to stumble upon your sex toys. Your relatives, friends, roommates, and pets shouldn’t have access to your goods. Of course, some of them will have no idea what are these things, but they can break or spoil them accidentally.

Storing your sex tools and keeping them not dead

Keeping the toys charged and in perfect shape is obligatory, especially if you can’t wait to use one of them at once. It’s one of the worse things happening when you need a charged vibrator and can’t use it when needed.

Not to stay empty-handed, you can use batteries from the TV remote if batteries are enough for your device.

But what about USB rechargeable toys? Is there a way to store them alive, always ready to work for you?

Portable USB chargers

Charge your sex toys while storing them with portable USB chargers. You can keep one charger for several ones to keep them in one place.

Storing individual toys

To keep them separate from each other, you’ll have to invest in several storage pouches. We’ve already mentioned that sex devices kept next to each other can spoil each other because of the different materials that can start an unwanted chemical reaction when kept next to each other. The cords and charges should also be kept together with the toys so that you won’t make a mistake while charging your favorite self-satisfaction tool.

Here are more suggestions concerning the pouches and tiny containers for the toys:

Ziploc Bags: Inexpensive & Easy

Lack of pouches in the household is not a trouble if you have zip lock bags. They are cheaper than pouches, and almost everyone keeps them in the kitchen to store the food leftovers.

Cotton Pouches: More Breathable

Of course, zip lock bags are not breathable. Your silicone sex toys need air and sufficient humidity to live long. Cotton pouches are cheap, and you can easily make them on your own with a bit of natural fabric (your old bedsheets will do) and several elastic strings.

Where to Store Many Devices Together?

Fake English Dictionary

If you’re looking for a more inventive way to hide your possessions, there are two appealing options. Firstly, try to search for Fake English Dictionaries on Amazon. These are cheap copies, empty inside. You’ll fit the toy inside and put the fake book on the bookshelf. Secondly, collect a set of such dictionaries and keep them in one place, next to each other.

Where to Hide Sex Toys: Bottom Line

Storing sex devices discreetly is not a trouble. You only have to stick to the following rules:

  • Make sure your devices are kept separately from each other if they are made of different materials (mesh or cotton pouches will do);
  • Keep the cords and charging devices together with the sex tools;
  • Maintain each of your intimate sex devices properly before you store them;
  • Don’t keep sex tools in the bathroom where accidental guests can reach them;
  • Thoroughly read the instructions from the leaflet coming with the sex toy.

And remember – the cheapest options can turn out to be the most discreet and effective.