Our Pick: Top 3 Best Penis Extenders and Why We Like Them

There are several penis enlargement methods, including pills, lotions, vacuum pumps, exercises, and stretching. There are also dangerous injections and complex surgery, which can cause serious side effects.

Today we are talking about the most effective, less dangerous, and tested enlargement method: penis enlargers.

Best & Effective Penis Enlargers in 2021

Here’s a review of the best and most popular penis enlargement tools you can easily find in the market. We’re basing our review on the feedback of the customers and technical information provided by the manufacturer.


  • The Quick Extender PRO is made of aluminum and hypoallergenic, synthetic materials of medical-grade quality
  • Men agree that the penis becomes more sensitive after the regular use of this penis enlarger
  • It’s durable and lightweight


  • The tension can be regulated, starting with 1200g and finishing with 2800g
  • The materials are hypo-allergenic
  • SizeGenetics Comfort penis extender is suitable for the cock of any size, up to 10 inches


  • The materials are hypo-allergenic
  • This penis enlargement tool is suitable for all penis sizes
  • There’s an official application for this penis enlargement tool for Android and iOS

1. The Quick Extender PRO

This extender is designed on the base of Double Strap Support. A system like this is comfortable for your penis while providing sufficient tension for the enlargement. The pressure along the tip and the shaft do not make you experience any pain or discomfort.

Pros & Cons


  • Effortless maintenance due to the high-quality, durable materials;
  • Many men prove that they’ve already gained about half an inch for only two months of use;
  • It’s the best sex enhancement tool because it doesn’t solely extend your penis but trains you to have better erections and last longer in bed;
  • It’s a robust Erectile Dysfunction tool


  • You’ll have to take your time to understand how to use it if you’re new to the extenders (see the instruction manual).

Our Pick
Base of Double Strap

The spring tension varies from 3000g to 4000g, depending on the edition of the penis extender.

  • DSS system
  • Medical-grade quality
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Silicone tubes

Basic Characteristics

  • The Quick Extender PRO has a system of tension calibration. As soon as you find the right one for you, it starts working through forming of the microscopic tears. With time, these microscopic tears in the penis are being repaired.
  • The penis enlargement process works through mitosis and cytokinesis. This way the penis shaft is slowly getting larger. The cells of the penis tissue divide many times in a row, forming the tiny tears that later get filled with the resources of the body.
  • The whole extension process is slow and not painful. It’s a natural way to extend the penis without the use of surgery or dangerous medications and injections.
  • The comfort pads will make the device stay on the penis without slipping. Besides, the pads promote better blood circulation compared to the other penis extender models.
  • The device can also be used for patients with Peyronie’s Disease (incorrect penis curvature that causes pain and inability to have satisfying sex).

Technical Characteristics

  • The manufacturer offers share parts and additional accessories to the standard edition of the device.
  • The DSS system has a couple of soft but sturdy silicone tubes for better support and 3x Longer Wearing.

2. SizeGenetics Comfort

It’s a medically approved penis extending tool for safe achievements on the way to your larger and stronger cock.

Pros & Cons


  • The postal package is discreet with no labels on the surface;
  • The construction looks sturdy and properly built;
  • Men who bought it say that they managed to gain a quarter of an inch size after 2 weeks of regular use.


  • The first application may be a bit painful for some men;
  • You have to spend several days to get used to it and understand how this penis enlarger works;
  • Customer support is not helpful enough.

Regulated tension

It’s an FDA-approved penis enlarger recommended by surgeons as an alternative to a surgical extension.

  • 2-3 hours daily
  • Extending to 9“
  • Additional bars
  • Hypoallergenic

Basic Characteristics

  • There’s a 100% money-back guarantee if the device does not work following the manufacturer’s description.
  • The package includes 1 SizeGenetics extender, a leather pouch, a front piece with dual function, a comfort strap, a silicone tube, a protection pad, several elongation bars, a no-slip protection mechanism, keys, plasters for additional comfort, and a detailed guide.

Technical Characteristics

  • You can extend your penis up to 9 inches with the use of the standard elongation bar and go even further with additional bars, but you’ll have to order them separately.
  • Wear it for one hour a day in the beginning and slowly move to 2-3 hours daily for better and faster penis extension results.


You merely put PHALLOSAN forte on and wear it daily for several months. You can wear it when you sleep. It’s an effective and safe alternative to penis surgery, which is a great win. The extension process will be long, but not painful. Besides, the manufacturer tested the device on several groups of men to prove its effectiveness.

Pros & Cons


  • The management offers free consultations for men online if you have questions or difficulties;
  • The device is small and can be worn under your pants;
  • Many men managed to gain about half an inch for two months of wearing PHALLOSAN penis extender;
  • Inconspicuous wearing is possible;
  • The packaging is discreet;
  • It’s safe and comfortable enough to wear while you’re sleeping;
  • The customer service is flawless and very knowledgeable;
  • This FDA-approved penis enlargement device is entirely safe and effective when you use it strictly following the instructions.


  • In the beginning, it will be hard to get used to it, but as the days go by, you’ll merely stop noticing it;
  • It’s too expensive compared to the other cock extenders in the market;
  • The maintenance is tricky but obligatory so that you never suffer from infections;
  • The setup and initial wearing can be complicated (hopefully, the online management is always here to give you a helping hand).

Safe alternative to surgery

It’s a penis extension device destined to enlarge the cock mechanically with a help of a vacuum protector system.

  • Device is small
  • Orthopedic tool
  • Gentle stretching
  • Comfortable

Basic Characteristics

  • The preliminary studies lasted for 18 years until the specialists managed to design a flawless and affordable penis extender.
  • PHALLOSAN will boost up your self-esteem. You’ll perform better in bed, and you’ll get rid of erectile dysfunction if you suffer from it.
  • It’s an orthopedic penis enlargement tool that is also useful for those who have penis curvature. Continual and gentle stretching straightens the penis slowly but permanently.
  • There’s a secure vacuum cover with comfortable pads and a system of stretching belts that you can wear daily, never experiencing any discomfort.
  • The penis enlarger gently extends the cock to the right or left (it’s up to the user to choose the stretching direction). The strength of the tension is also controlled individually.

Technical Characteristics

  • For more convenient control of the device, you can use the system of smart indicators on it. Low tension is green, medium tension is yellow, and high level is red.
  • The maximum tension is 3kg. This tension is acceptable for wearing the penis enlarger for up to 8 hours or even more if you are patient enough.

More Info About Penis Enlarging

Numerous men get tempted by the products and tools boasting speedy penis extension. There are male enhancement injections, surgical operations, and even pills. There are also sets of exercises that can be combined with cock pumps and penis extenders. Penis extenders are among the safest ways to the cock enlargement.

Penis Enlargement with the Best Penile Extenders: FAQ

What is the purpose of a cock extender?

It’s a medical, safe device destined to deal with a lot of troubles except for the size of the penis. It helps to train sexual endurance, aids in erectile dysfunction treatment, and helps patients with Peyronie’s disease.

Do cock extenders work?

The tests have already proved their effectiveness. Nevertheless, a user has to be patient and persistent to gain the desired size. Penile extenders produce significant lengthening if the user sticks to the instructions and recommendations of the doctor. The penis can get extended by two or three inches naturally.

How does a cock extender work?

It’s a non-invasive tool, helping to stretch the tissue of the penis and make it longer due to the division of cells. The gently damaged areas of the penis get filled by the body. The device is helpful not only for the small cock size but for rehabilitation after surgery or physical damage. It’s also helpful for men having penis curvature.

Is my penis too small?

A two-thirds inches SPL or less means that the penis is small. However, even in the case of a micropenis, doctors do not recommend surgery. Extension with the help of mechanical tools is easier and safer. Penis surgery is still too risky and controversial.

Do I need a cock extender?

If you’re not suffering from traumas, health conditions, or after-surgery consequences, a penis extender can only boost up your self-esteem. The size of the cock is not always important for satisfying sexual intercourse. If you feel like penis extension will help you be confident while having sex, a penis extender is one of the safest choices. Remember that 7 and even 8 inches’ penis size is a rarity.

What is the average cock size?

When an average penis is flaccid, it’s usually about 3.61 inches long. An erect, average penis is about 5.16 inches long. It’s enough for satisfying penetrative sex both for men and women.

Best Penis Enlargers: Bottom Line

How to choose the best extension tool?

  • You shouldn’t think that the most expensive enlargers are the most helpful ones. Pay attention to the tension characteristics, high-graded materials, and FDA approval.
  • Make sure you are ready to deal with the regular maintenance. If the device is made up of numerous elements that you have to attach manually, you’ll have to invest much time into maintenance.
  • Don’t be afraid to buy penis enlargers if you are not sure they won’t fit your size. All penis extenders are designed to fit any cock size.
  • Pay attention to the padding – the smoother and softer the surface of the fixing elements, the easier it will be to wear it during the night or under your pants.

It’s not hard to use enlargers. Do a bit of homework and thoroughly study the instructions to make sure everything will be fine. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with a manufacturer in case of emergency or any help needed. Compared to penis pumps and pills, extenders are regularly used as the best support for maintenance therapy. There is no scientific evidence of the effectiveness of these tools, but the users’ feedback is promising.