A Fleshlight was developed and released in 1997. Since that time, it has been a favorite for the lovers of sex toys not only in the United States but all over the globe. There’s no need to explain how to use it, as it’s an intuitive masturbation toy. Besides, you can find detailed guides on the official website of the manufacturer.

A Fleshlight consists of several components. The basic ones are the case and the inner sleeve made of the patented material that feels like silicone skin. It’s smooth and pleasant to the touch, but it’s very fragile if you don’t clean and dehydrate it properly.

The inner part of the Fleshlight cannot be used with silicone- or oil-based lubricants. A nice portion of water-based lube is suitable.

According to the survey of 2017 held by Adam & Eve, only a bit more than half of the users clean their Fleshlights after every application. About a third of the users ignore cleaning their Fleshlights, which often results in deterioration and breakage.

IMPORTANT! A sex toy is like a medical tool that should be properly maintained. Dirt left within the sleeve can cause allergic reactions and infections.

The semen injected in the sleeve is a complex biological matter, which can be an effective material for bacteria growth. So, how to clean the Fleshlight, especially if its sleeve is complex with many details on the inner surface. How to clean out the chambers of the sleeve and get rid of the bacteria?

How to Clean a Fleshlight: Basic Steps

STEP #1: Rinse

  • Take the sleeve out of the case and wash it with warm running water – it will help you get rid of the fluids;
  • Use FleshWash solution by Fleshlight – it’s a special cleaner that you can use before rinsing the sleeve;
  • NEVER apply soap or any other solution containing detergents – it will make the sleeve deteriorate.

STEP #2: Renew

  • When it’s clean, let it dry on its own – you should NEVER leave the sex toy wet;
  • If there’s excessive liquid inside, merely shake it off after rinsing;
  • When you get rid of the water, and when the Fleshlight is entirely dehydrated, use the Renewing Powder by Fleshlight to preserve the surface and the textures.

One of the main components of the material is mineral oil. That’s why you can’t clean it with aggressive chemicals and regular soap. The surface of the inner part of the Fleshlight is a perfect base for the mold without proper cleaning.

IMPORTANT! Some people say that there’s a way to revive and clean the Fleshlight if it’s partially deteriorated or molded. However, the official manufacturer strongly recommends not to do it. We also think that yeast Infection and UTI are not the best health conditions to experience after a couple of sessions with a moldy Fleshlight.

Cleaning Your Fleshlight: 5 Tips to Learn

The following methods are suitable for the majority of sex toys. You can wash and clean your Fleshlight either in the bathroom or in the kitchen. Some say that doing it in the kitchen is more comfortable. Of course, you can be one of these people who feel confused with the idea of washing jizz-containing things in the kitchen sink. Well, bleaching the sink after you wash your sex toys is not a big deal.

  1. The sleeve should always be separated from the case before washing. While the inner part is very gentle and can only be washed with warm water without soap or detergents, the case can be washed with soap and even bleached if needed.
  2. You should place the sleeve vertically under the tap so that the warm water could run through the orifice. The bottom of it has a hole that will allow the liquid to run outside. You’ll need to maintain a strong water flow to push out all cum from the sleeve.
  3. Now you need to fill about a quarter of the masturbator with warm water and close the orifice and the back hole with the fingers so that you can shake it to rinse all inner chambers, crannies, and nooks.
  4. Pour the liquid out and use a special sex toy cleaner designed for Superskin material. Isopropyl alcohol spray will do as well. NEVER apply generic cleaning sprays, because Fleshlights have very sensitive material, unsuitable for soap and regular solutions.
  5. Wash the masturbator one more time and dry the case with a paper towel or any regular towel. The following section will provide you with information on the basic drying techniques for the Fleshlights!

How to Dry Fleshlights: TOP Techniques

Drying is one of the key things to do after washing and rinsing. The aim is to preserve the sensitive surface of the masturbator so it could live longer. NO MOISTURE should be left inside before you store the Fleshlight in the closet.

IMPORTANT! Never store your Fleshlight in a damp and warm place. Even if you maintain it properly, excessive humidity can ruin all your efforts.


Residents of cool and dry climates can merely leave the inner part of the masturbator on any surface to let it dry on its own. Of course, if you live with the kids or someone else who should not find your sex toy, you’ll have to search for another method. You can point a fan on it for a more powerful flow of air.

Wire hanger

Merely bend the wire around the bottom of the masturbator and hang the construction in a dry, properly ventilated place. This way, the remnants of water will flow out. You can also hang it in a closet or the wardrobe if it’s not wet.


The manufacturer considers this method the most dangerous one. But there’s a catch. If your air-dryer has a cool-air setting, it will work for you and help you push out the tiniest droplets out. Always keep in mind that hot water can deteriorate the soft Superskin surface.

Grated surface

A grated surface promotes a better flow of air through the sex toy. A grated dish rack can be suitable.

Flour sack towel

A tea towel, or the so-called flour sack towel, can be wrapped around a chopstick. Push this construction inside a couple of times, and it will absorb excessive liquid. Of course, air-drying is a lot safer and effective. But if you don’t have enough time, it will do.

IMPORTANT! Some Fleshlight users often turn the sleeves inside out for a more thorough cleaning. Superskin material is very gentle and can crack easily because of excessive effort. If you still prefer turning it inside out, don’t keep it in this position for more than three minutes.

Cornstarch & Special Fleshlight Powder

Cleaning and drying techniques are not the only ones to learn about. In addition to the cleaning techniques mentioned above, you’ll need to produce a couple of the other manipulations to make a masturbator last longer. For instance, the fleshlight should be stored in a dry, cool area, away from the humidity, mold, and dampness. A dehumidifier is a must for an owner of sex toys living in a wet climate.

Renewing Powder Vs. Cornstarch

You should protect the fleshlight from stickiness or becoming tacky. It’s normal for the SUperskin material to become tacky over time or after several uses. Cornstarch and a special renewing powder produced by the manufacturer will help to revive the masturbator’s material. Is there a need to buy a powder from the official manufacturer, or will cornstarch do?

There’s nothing different between these options in matters of effectiveness. The main ingredient of the renewal powder produced by Fleshlight is 100% organic cornstarch, which you can purchase in any of the local supermarkets or grocery stores. It’s just that the product from Fleshlight is more conveniently packed – it’s a small and firm container designed for special purposes and a certain way of application.

The renewal powder by Fleshlight is costly. Habitual cornstarch is cheap and can be found anywhere. Besides, you can use it for cooking. The only thing making special powder solutions better is a container. Regular cornstarch is sold in big bottles.

Make sure the soft areas of the masturbator are fully covered with the powder. It will save it from becoming sticky and will also protect the masturbation tool from mold. The internal component of the Fleshlight should be completely dry before you place it back to the case.

Does Your Fleshlight Smell? More About Mold

If you feel an unpleasant smell from the Fleshlight it means that there are bacteria inside of it. The remnants of the sperm or other liquids started breeding. It means that you have not been careful enough while cleaning your jerk-off tool. The best way here is to cut your losses and purchase another one. A bad smell means that mold and microbes started growing, and you’ll hardly manage to do anything with it because Superskin cannot be cleaned with powerful detergents.

How to Clean a Fleshlight: Bottom Line

We’ve managed to share everything we found on the internet, basing on the reviews of the users of Fleshlights. Yes, maintaining your Fleshlight in a clean condition can be tricky, but it does not take much time to do it regularly. Of course, your masturbation device will not deteriorate within an hour after the ejaculation. Nevertheless, you should make this routine a must. Here’s a shortlist to follow:

  • Superskin material cannot be washed with soap and detergents;
  • The case can be washed with soap;
  • The inner part should be thoroughly dried before it gets back to the case;
  • Cornstarch is cheap but effective protection to use from mold;
  • Humidity is the main enemy of Superskin.