Talks about anal penetration have been taboo for a long time. Hopefully, the internet has managed to push it up to new levels. Finally, our society is more positive concerning the matters of sex.

Nothing is taboo if it’s mutually satisfying. Of course, this type of sex is still controversial for women.

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Anal sex for men means stimulation of the p-spot, leading to unpredictable sexual satisfaction. What about women? Why do many of them find this process enjoyable?

No Stigma

Having sex is about pleasure and not about someone’s opinion. Everything you do within your living space has nothing to do with the opinion of others, even if you do this on camera. It’s your choice, and the attitude of others should not be a part of your responsibility.

There’s nothing as non-traditional pleasure unless you find it pleasing. If it does not hurt anyone, there’s no need to get worried about what you do to satisfy yourself or your partner.

Women do love anal penetration. Of course, it depends on many things. Nevertheless, an anal climax can deliver multiple shaking orgasms till the pleasing fainting.

Vaginal penetration can be unpleasant for some people. Not all people have vaginas. Some people merely find anal sex more pleasing. Let’s figure things out.

What Is Anal Sex? TOP 5 Things to Learn

Well. It’s a dumb question as the penetration process is as straightforward as it can be, but we’re willing to discuss the physiological matter first. It’s an extra treat with an intriguing finish. Of course, it’s not purely physiological, but there are things you should probably know.


It’s an insertion of an erect penis into the rectum. Fingering, as well as the usage of intimate toys, are also considered anal penetration. There’s an oral sex option called anilingus or pegging.


While men experience a physiologically explained prostate cum, women experience something more thrilling. It’s when the vagina or the area known as the g-spot is stimulated through the sensory nerves from the inside of the rectum. They say that the clitoris has its back end inside the depth of the. When a penis stimulates this area, it often results in explosive results. It’s the same with masturbation for women.


Anal sex does not mean you are protected from sexually transmitted diseases. Condoms are the best options for anyone even if you’re up to sex with anyone regardless of gender. Think of your health first.


Anal and rectal tissues are very gentle. If you respect your partner, make sure you have a bottle of water-based lube to have smooth and enjoyable sex. Most women have nothing against any penetration is when they feel that the penetration does not cause pain.

Controversial Issues

Religious issues. Religious prohibitions are against males having this type of penetration. Besides, there is a procreative thing concerning sex in some religions. All in all, there’s nothing wrong with mutual penetration if both partners like it. Socially invalid form of sexual expression.

Does society watch you while you do it in your bedroom? It’s a fulfilling pleasure that you may like or not. Nevertheless, the opinion of society does not matter at all.

IMPORTANT! Anal sex can transmit sexually transmitted diseases! Please, use a condom, if it’s not your regular partner. Anal penetration can be pleasing for both partners, but both of you are responsible for the spread of STDs. There’s nothing wrong with having anal sex with whoever you want, but make sure you’re protected. Otherwise, you will not only infect yourself but numerous people in the future. 

What Are the Benefits of Anal Sex for Women? TOP 6 Benefits

These Orgasms Exist

Anal sex can be unpredictably rewarding, as you don’t know much about your body. Vaginal and clitoral orgasms are existing but not common for many females. This climax is something magical that you can get if you’re relaxed and trust yourself to a partner who will never hurt you.

A woman can experience up to a dozen of orgasms. Remember this.

Anal penetration can also stimulate the right spots. The erectile tissues if linked to the G-spot physiologically. When this area is intensively stimulated, the body of the majority of the women can result in a multiple, shaking climax.

Orgasm Through Anal Is Breathtaking

According to the survey of the Journal of Sexual Medicine, more than 95% of women had incredible orgasms after a recent session. 25% of these women regularly enjoyed vaginal orgasms before, but orgasms after anal sex changed their views on sex and vision on sex in general. This type of sex looks damn breathtaking. It stimulates the areas you’ve never tried to stimulate before.

No Taboo

What is wrong with doing something super-hot if both of you are into it? Is it hurting? Is it dirty? Probably, yes. But what if it makes you feel pleasure? Try it with a small dildo after you poop and have a shower. Get a bit of water lube and watch some porn to stimulate the lower area of your body. You’ll be amazed at how much anal stimulation can bring, Get naughty.

No Pregnancy

Gosh, it’s one of the greatest benefits of anal penetration. No pregnancy. Unprotected sex is entirely safe unless it’s your regular partner. If it’s a one-night stand, make sure you use a condom, because STDs are always round the corner if you don’t protect yourself.

It’s Something Different

It’s a different stimulation type. If you choose the right lube, the process can be as satisfying as the regular intimacy. A climax from the vaginal penetration can be as satisfying as an anal orgasm if it’s a mutual stimulation. Vaginal penetration is standard, but anal sex feel has something to add up to it. It’s a specific type of stimulation that can be as satisfying as regular penetration.

It’s Unforgettable

This climax feels more than just good. It makes thousands of your nerves tremble with incomparable blissful pleasure. It’s like you’re getting to something shaking your nerves out and delivering you complete satisfaction in a very short time. You’ll have to learn how to relax your nerves, but you’ll never regret another oral penetration either with your partner or with a sex toy.

The so-called g-spot is the back of your clitoris. That’s why it’s so stimulating. When you manage to stimulate it through the anal, the orgasm gets peculiarly satisfying. You’ll be shaking and willing for more.

Do Women Like Anal Sex? Real Women’s Comments

  • It’s a very different type of climax. It’s different for every woman and you should be frankly prepared for it to feel the pure anal climax pleasure because it’s real.
  • If you’re relaxed and if you and your partner use a nice water-based lube, both of you will be thrilled with the sensations. Of course, you might ask your partner for a bit of hand stimulation or help yourself with clitoral stimulation, but you’ll never regret this feeling.
  • This penetration is perfect after the vaginal sex and a bit of clitoral stimulation for an incredible squirting that your partner will never be able to predict, but he will be fond of it, as well as you are.
  • It’s like having one of the greatest poops in your life but even better. It’s incomparable to anything.
  • It’s a hot and unexpected pleasure. Combined with a vibrator in a vagina, anal penetration leads to a huge climax, leading to fully satisfying overstimulation. Of course, you’ll need a decent amount of lube. If it’s your first-time anal sex, choose a water-based lubricant for the most satisfying sensations.
  • Anal is the best after having a good poop. It feels so relaxing, stimulating, and breathtakingly satisfying…
  • It’s a primal sensation that every woman should try if she has a partner ready to help her with it in the gentlest way;
  • Once you achieve the anal climax, you’ll be hunting for it. Combine it with vaginal stimulation, and you’ll understand what I mean if your partner is ready to satisfy you.

Anal Sex is enjoyable for the majority of females, but most of them are still not ready to accept it. They find this guilty pleasure something to be ashamed of.

Remember that anal orgasms and squirting are normal. They are enjoyable and physiologically acceptable. They result in incredible satisfaction that you’ll hardly manage to reproduce with regular masturbation.

Anal Sex General Health Risks

Now let’s pass to the most unpleasing things connected with anal sex. It’s about the penetration of an anus with a penis. It’s also about the penetration of the anus with vibrators and other sex toys. Mouth or tongue stimulation is also considered anal sex.

The following conditions might hurt you if are not careful enough:

  • Chlamydia.
  • Genital herpes.
  • Genital warts.
  • Gonorrhea.
  • HIV.

Using condoms properly is among the best options to protect you from the most dangerous diseases. Be careful.

Do Women Like Anal Sex? Bottom Line

Yes, they do. Not all females, but the majority of them are fond of anal stimulation leading to incredible orgasms because the clitoris turns out to be the back part of the G-spot, and the G-spot, in many cases, can be stimulated through anal penetration.

Women like anal sex when they are relaxed and when it’s mutual. Any woman will like it if you are not imposing, but if you explain it to her. If you are merely willing to penetrate her anal, make sure you know how it works and make sure she’s ready for it.