5 Realistic Sex Dolls: A Dolls With a Variety of Features to Meet Your Needs

Let’s consider how to choose a sex doll in the market of sex dolls with such an abundance of choices. A high-quality sex doll does not necessarily need to be too expensive.

Nevertheless, you should understand that dolls are an investment, and they will cost you at least $1500. Modern dolls are no longer inflatable ugly creatures. These dolls are made of high-grade medical silicone on the base of the firm frame or a moving stainless steel skeleton.


  • There are 3 surface tones available for these dolls: white, natural, and tan
  • There are 10 hairstyles to choose from for the dolls of this series
  • There are 4 eye color options: blue-green, green, brown, and blue


  • There are 6 skin tones available for these dolls: white, natural, tanned, light brown, brown, and black
  • There are 30 hairstyles available for the doll
  • There are 6 eye color options for these dolls: gray, green, brown, shining blue, green-blue, and blue


  • There are 6 skin types: white, natural, tanned, light brown, brown, and black
  • There are 30 hairstyles
  • You can choose one of the 6 eye types for your doll: gray, green, brown, shining blue, green-blue, and blue


  • The sex doll is suitable for oral, vaginal, and anal penetrations
  • If you’re interested in real oral penetrations, chose an enhanced mouth option with a tongue for true-to-life sensations
  • There are 6 real skin colors, 6 eye colors, and 30 hairstyles for the dolls of this series


  • Customization is similar to the previous dolls
  • Purchase an additional hook to fix your doll in the closet or where you’re planning to store it
  • There are 3 types of breasts for these dolls and 4 pubic hairstyles

Let’s have a look at the types of dolls to help you understand where to start.

Torsos & Vaginas

That’s the cheapest option as you don’t have to pay for the whole construction. They usually cost about $100 and do not have legs, arms, and heads. These dolls do not offer a realistic experience, but they are enough for enjoyable vaginal or anal penetration.

Mini Sex Dolls

These dolls are significantly cheaper compared to realistic sex dolls. They are usually about 125 cm tall (or a bit more) and cost about $600 (the cheapest models). They are cute and offer the same level of penetration experience as big, realistic sex dolls. If you are keen on petite ladies, it can be a flawless choice.

Realistic Sex Dolls

That’s what we’re discussing today. These dolls are humanlike and attractive. The choice of the doll’s appearance is huge, and you don’t have to customize it. The customization will make your realistic sex doll more expensive.

Customized Sex Dolls

If you are picky about how you want your sex doll to look and have enough money to spend, customize your silicone wife: choose the color of hair (even pubic), pick out the size and the color of the nipples, or specify the eye color.

TOP 5 Sex Doll Models in 2021: Our Pick

Reviews of the sex dolls from our customers, and technical information from the manufacturers helped us make up this list of the best sex dolls.

1. FLEUR by Future Sex Doll

Sex Doll Specifications

  • It’s a fully customizable sex doll, read further for more specifications and customization options;
  • The nipple sizes available for these dolls are 3cm, 5cm, and 7cm;
  • The nails can be French pink or nude pink;
  • In pubic hair options are bald, light hair, medium hair, and heavy hair;
  • The toenails are available in 10 colors;
  • There are additional accessories for the doll – heads, wigs, vagina replacements, an automatic cleaning kit for a vagina, a heating rod for the vagina, and a storage hook.
  • Additionally, you can purchase an insertable fake penis (6 inches and 7.5 inches are available) that can be fixed in the vagina;
  • If you are not pressed financially, you can also invest in a special flight case, so you could take your sex doll with you while traveling.
Our Pick
Customizable doll

There’s an additional standing feet option for those who prefer standing sex with dolls or more convenient storage so that your sex doll could stand on its own.

  • 3 surface tones
  • 10 hairstyles
  • 4 eye color
  • 10 colors toenails

Sex Doll Measurements

  • Weight – 90.38 lbs;
  • Height – 5.34 ft;
  • Bra size – F
  • Bust size – 32.7 in;
  • Waist – 20.9 in;
  • Hips – 36.2 in;
  • Leg length – 35.4 in;
  • Foot length – 8.3 in;
  • Anal depth – 5.9 in;
  • Vaginal depth – 6.7 in.

Sex Doll Pros & Cons


  • The metal skeleton of the doll is very sturdy;
  • Most customers enjoy standing feet;
  • The additional storage hook is very firm;
  • The overall design of the sex doll is very cute and the surface is gentle and smooth;
  • All scratches and damaged areas can be easily repaired with the repairing kit for the sex dolls offered by the manufacturer.


  • Cleaning the vagina is tricky at first;
  • This realistic sex doll is heavy;
  • There’s no oral opening in this doll model.

2. KELSEY by Irontech Sex Doll

Sex Doll Specifications

  • You can either order a ready-made realistic sex doll the way it looks on the website, or proceed with customization;
  • There are 2 mouth options for these dolls: standard (it’s default and does not offer realistic sensations) and enhanced (it’s the upgraded design with a tongue, offering true-to-life oral sex sensations);
  • There are 2 shoulder options for these dolls: standard (they are not moveable) and reinforced (a skeleton with moveable joints in the shoulders);
  • There are 3 breast options for these sex dolls: solid (prefilled for being heavy and firm), hollow (they have air inside, which makes them soft and not so heavy), and gel implants (for those who are fond of fake, silicone breasts);
Most popular

The vagina of the doll can either be fixed (which makes the doll a bit more durable) or removable (which simplifies the maintenance and cleaning).

  • Height – 5.2 ft
  • Shoulder Width – 14 in
  • Bust – 36.6 in
  • Under Bust – 27.9 in
  • There are 3 nipple size options (3cm, 5cm, and 7cm) and 4 nipple colors (light natural color, light brown, pink, and dark brown);
  • The nails for the dolls can be French pink or nude pink;
  • The pubic hair selection for the doll is limited to 4 options: bald, light hair, medium hair, and heavy hair;
  • There are 10 toenails color choices for these sex dolls;
  • There’s a standing feet option for convenient vertical storage or standing sex for these dolls;
  • The additional accessories for the doll are a flight case, a storage hook, insertable fake penises of two sizes, a pre-lubricated vagina, and an additional replacement vagina;
  • The material of the doll is TPE for the body and metal for the skeleton.

Sex Doll Measurements

  • Waistline – 25.9 in;
  • Hipline – 39.7 in;
  • Thighs – 12.2 in;
  • Calf line – 12.2 in
  • Arm – 22 in;
  • Leg – 29.5 in;
  • Feet – 8.6 in;
  • Weight – 94 lbs.

Sex Doll Pros & Cons


  • The surface is smooth and realistic;
  • Incredible anti-pressure performance;
  • The high-quality material of these real dolls is self-recovering;
  • The skeleton of the doll is flexible;
  • The manufacturer is mad about the details of their dolls;
  • The overall use of the sex doll is effortless, as well as the maintenance (thanks to the removable vagina option).


  • The surface feels a bit tough, but it maintains durability;
  • The skeleton of the real sex doll is tough in the beginning;
  • The sex doll is heavy, almost like a real woman.

3. CRAYA by Irontech Sex Doll

Sex Doll Specifications

  • The doll’s mouth can either be standard (without tongue and lack of realistic sensations) or enhanced (it has a tongue for lifelike oral penetration);
  • There are three types of breasts available for the doll: solid (firm), hollow (lifelike), and gel (for the lovers of silicone breasts);
  • The doll’s nipples can be 3cm, 5cm, and 7 cm;
  • There are 4 colors for the doll’s nipples available: skin color, light brown, pink, and dark brown;
3 types of breasts

The shoulders can either be standard (with firm, non-movable joints) or reinforced (with moving joints).

  • Weight – 74.95 lbs
  • Height – 5.41 ft
  • Bra – B
  • Bust – 32.7 in
  • The doll’s nails can be nude pink or French pink;
  • The vaginal opening can either be in-built or removable (which simplifies the maintenance and hygienic procedures);
  • You can order a sex doll without pubic hair or with one of the 3 pubic hair options – light, medium, and heavy hair;
  • There are 10 colors for the toenails;
  • Choosing the standing feet option is highly recommended for easier storage and more adventurous sex with your doll;
  • The material is TPE for the doll’s body and metal for the skeleton;
  • Don’t forget about the additional items that you can order to enhance your sex doll: an additional vagina insert, insertable fake penises, a hook for easier vertical storage, and a special case for traveling.

Sex Doll Measurements

  • Waist – 24.4 in;
  • Hips – 34.6 in;
  • Leg length – 34.3 in;
  • Foot length – 9.1 in;
  • Anal depth – 5.9 in;
  • Oral depth – 5.1 in;
  • Vaginal depth – 6.7 in.

Sex Doll Pros & Cons


  • The surface of the doll is of incredible quality with a self-recovering function;
  • Male sex dolls like these are made on the base of flexible skeleton construction, which is long-lasting;
  • The design of the doll is master-grade with maximum details;
  • It’s not hard to use the sex doll and keep it clean if you choose an insertable vagina option;
  • The package for the doll from this manufacturer is discreet.


  • The sex doll is heavy, like a real-life woman;
  • The skeleton of this male sex doll might feel too stiff and tough when you try it first.

4. VILMA by Irontech Sex Doll

Sex Doll Specifications

  • There are 3 types of breasts to choose from: solid, hollow, and gel, depending on how you want the breasts to feel when you touch them;
  • There are 3 sizes and 4 colors of dolls’ nipples;
  • There are two types of nails and 10 types of toenail colors;
  • You can either invest in a removable vagina for easier cleaning or leave a fixed vagina type;
  • There are 4 pubic hairstyles: bald or 3 real types of pubic hair: light, medium, and heavy;
  • Don’t forget about additional accessories for the doll (insertable cock, additional vagina insert, hook for the vertical storage, and a convenient case for traveling).
10 types of toenail

You can order a sex doll with the reinforced shoulders and standing feet so that you could move the shoulders and make her stand.

  • Weight – 94.79 lbs
  • Height – 5.28 ft
  • Bra – G
  • Bust – 32.7 in

Sex Doll Measurements

  • Waist – 26 in;
  • Hips – 39.8 in;
  • Leg length – 29.5 in;
  • Foot length – 8.7 in;
  • Anal depth – 5.9 in;
  • Oral depth – 5.1 in;
  • Vaginal depth – 6.7 in.

Sex Doll Pros & Cons


  • Customer support is incredible;
  • The parcel arrives discreetly packed;
  • The surface is smooth and very real, with veins and pores;
  • The customization is incredible;
  • The material of the surface is among the best offer in the market of sex dolls –it restores itself after you squeeze or push it;
  • An additional penis makes this toy more universal for both partners to try;
  • The sex doll looks drop-dead gorgeous and sexually appealing even without customization.


  • The surface of the doll might seem too harsh at first, and the joints of the metal skeleton are too stiff when you use the sex doll for the first time;
  • You’ll have to pay for every customization option of these sex dolls;
  • The real sex doll weighs almost like a usual woman, and it’s quite big for the storage – you’ll have to find the right place for the doll.

5. NIKKITA by Irontech Sex Doll

Sex Doll Specifications

  • You can change the color of the nails and toenails;
  • If you want your sex doll to be more hygienic, choose a removable vagina for simple insertion and further cleaning and maintenance;
  • The dolls’ breasts can also be customized (solid, gel and hollow breast types are available);
  • The color and size of the nipples can also be altered, depending on your preferences.
Removable vagina

It’s got a standing feet option for those who prefer standing sex with dolls and want to keep the doll standing in the closet.

  • Weight – 94.7 lbs
  • Height – 5.2 ft
  • Bust size – 36.6 in
  • Waist – 25.9 in

Sex Doll Measurements

  • Hips – 39.7 in;
  • Leg length – 29.5 in;
  • Foot length – 8.6 in;
  • Anal depth – 5.9 in;
  • Oral depth – 5.1 in;
  • Vaginal depth – 6.7 in.

Sex Doll Pros & Cons


  • Another premium quality sex doll with incredible surface and durable material;
  • The construction is very firm, and your sex doll will last a lifetime with proper maintenance;
  • The online support team is very knowledgeable;
  • The parcel will be properly and discreetly packed so that none of your neighbors could understand what’s inside.


  • It’s tall and heavy – you’ll have to consider where to keep the sex doll;
  • The skeleton is stiff in the beginning, but it will get better with time;
  • The doll needs regular proper maintenance so that the surface is preserved.

Realistic Sex Dolls: FAQs

Are sex dolls durable?

Premium-quality sex dolls can last more than 10 years. Of course, you should take care of them regularly. Frequent usage of sex dolls means washing them regularly and keeping away from humidity and direct sunlight.

Sex dolls are a great investment. Besides, you can alter them with time, if the manufacturer offers customization options and additional tools. You’ll probably be surprised, but people resell their sex dolls. If your sex doll is customizable, you can easily replace the sleeves for the new ones and sell your property to someone else who might need it more.

Are sex dolls worth being invested in?

Before going online in search of sex dolls, consider the following questions:

  • What is your real aim in purchasing a sex doll?
  • Are you planning to use it regularly?
  • Are you ready to devote enough time to keep it clean and well-maintained?
  • Do you find the idea of buying a sex doll exciting?
  • Are you sure you have enough money to pay for a huge, satisfying toy and find enough room within your living space?

If you manage to give firm answers to these questions, then pass on to the following information to make sure whether sex dolls are an investment or not:

  • Sex dolls are the best innovation in the market of sex toys;
  • Sex dolls are not only for solo play but for real sex games with your partner (some of them have a detachable penis);
  • Sex dolls are hygienically safer than the majority of sex toys, especially if you choose the one with insertable orifices;
  • Sex dolls are the best in fighting stress and loneliness;
  • Sex dolls do not have to be asked for sex – they are always ready for it;
  • Sex dolls can help you train endurance and self-esteem;
  • Sex dolls are hand-crafted and unique in some way;
  • Orgasms are good for your health, so a sex doll is always a good investment if you have enough money for it.

Anyway, if you are pressed on a budget, you can search for something simpler, starting with the cheaper, headless torsos, finishing with vibrators and masturbators.

Is it possible to try a doll before deciding to buy it?

The stores selling the best sex dolls never offer a service like this because they are interested in selling brand-new dolls. However, thanks to the internet, you will have enough opportunities to find out about the functionality and maintenance of the doll:

  • Watch videos about the best sex dolls on the websites of the manufacturers;
  • Videos are abundant about sex dolls on YouTube from the sex dolls’ owners;
  • Do a bit of homework and study the reviews of the best sex dolls from real customers online – the more detailed they are, the better;
  • Search for the forums of sex dolls’ owners and join them for discussions;
  • If you live in a big city, there might be a sex doll brothel – visit this place to decide whether you need a sex doll or not.

Do TPE sex dolls look the same as pictures?

If you’re planning to buy a real, male, premium sex doll from a reputable manufacturer, you are surely going to get the same product as the picture shows.

Of course, the shades and the tints of hair locks and the eyes of dolls might look a bit different. But in the majority of cases, the photographers try hard to demonstrate the real qualities of the sex dolls to attract customers. All male sex dolls presented here are from reliable suppliers. These are brand-name TPE or silicone sex dolls made by people with long-lasting reputations. These are authentic goods made of 100% safe materials.

What does TPE stand for?

It’s a Thermoplastic Elastomer made on the base of rubber and plastic. It offers a lot of benefits for such products as sex dolls:

  • It’s moldable, which makes it a perfect material for beautiful sex dolls;
  • The surface of TPE is very much like real skin;
  • TPE responds to the temperature of a human body, which makes sex dolls feel like real women;
  • TPE is used in the majority of the items we use regularly: toothbrush handles, kitchen spoons and spoons for the babies, different handles, and more;
  • TPE is not smelly and does not produce any chemical odors, which is important for lifelike sex toys destined to touch the gentle areas of your body;
  • TPE does not cost as much as silicone, making TPE sex dolls cost significantly less.

Nevertheless, TPE has downsides. It’s fragile. It also gets stained easily. Colored clothes can spoil TPE sex dolls, so you’ll have to be especially careful while picking out the clothing for your TPE sex pal.  

What is so special about medical-grade silicone?

Medical Healthcare-Grade Silicone is a specific rubber type. It has an abundance of benefits:

  • It’s hypoallergenic;
  • Silicone is more refined in details and color, but it’s firmer, comparing to TPE; 
  • It’s safe for anyone and does not have any chemical odors;
  • This material regularly used for the dolls is regularly used in habitual, high-quality cooking utensils, implants, and plastic surgery medical devices;
  • It does not have pores, which makes silicone silky and smooth;
  • Maintenance and cleaning of silicone is effortless and fast;
  • Facial features of sex dolls made of silicone look realistic and attractive;
  • It’s hard to damage silicone manually;
  • You can’t reshape silicone, and high heat will unlikely damage it;

Of course, every material has downsides, and silicone for sex dolls is not an exception.

  • Silicone sex dolls are a lot more expensive than the TPE ones;
  • Improper care and dryness can lead silicone to cracks with the years;
  • Silicone is resistant to damage, but the thin areas can tear easily;
  • Silicone for sex dolls is not as bouncy and soft as TPE;
  • Silicone can only be used with water-based lubricants because silicone lubes and oils can damage the dolls.

Sex Dolls: Maintenance

It’s not hard to take care of sex dolls. Yes, they are often complex constructions, but keeping sex dolls clean is not as hard as keeping a microwave oven clean. You just have to do it regularly. We’ve made up this guide basing on the inquiries and reviews of the customers.

Sex dolls become a part of the routine as soon as they become members of the household. You can set intervals to clean the sex doll regularly. A couple of weeks’ period is enough between the cleaning procedures. You can wash the sex doll out after use, but you shouldn’t use aggressive lotions. A bit of warm water after every use is enough.

What are the best maintenance and doll cleaning materials?

Here are some suggestions:

  • Water;
  • The best antibacterial soap;
  • Light sponges (big and small cut into pieces);
  • Non-abrasive drying cloths;
  • Paper towels;
  • Medical pincers;
  • Talcum powder;
  • Baby powder.

Preserving the skin of the sex doll is highly crucial. You can wash your sex doll in a bathtub using a sponge with light pressure. Antibacterial soap is the best option. Remember that the areas of the neck and head of the doll are the most vulnerable. Don’t make these areas wet while washing because excessive wetness can build rust in the screws.

How to clean the holes of the sex dolls?

Cleaning the anal, vaginal, and oral orifices of the doll can be done in the following way.

Soak a soft sponge in warm soapy water. Use medical pincers and sponges to clean the orifices. Use a second wet sponge to wash away the soap. Dry the inside of the orifices with paper towels or non-abrasive cloth and apply talcum or baby powder to the surfaces of the orifices.

Separate the head from the doll and gently dap the face. Make sure the eyes are not getting wet in the process. Leave the head of the doll to dry on its own before fixing it back to the body.

The best thing you can do is to leave your doll to dry for a couple of hours or use non-abrasive towels to help it get dry faster. Applying talc to the surface of the body will add up protection to the skin. Besides, talcum and baby powder help to get rid of the moisture remnants.

Things you should avoid while cleaning sex dolls

  • Never clean sex dolls with old cleaning agents;
  • Make sure your doll is away from sharp objects;
  • Always keep the head out of the water while washing;
  • Take your time to dry it properly – don’t be in a rush;
  • NEVER use an electric drier or excessive pressure while drying the doll.

How to clean the hair of sex dolls?

Washing the wigs of the dolls is not harder than washing your hair. You merely need specific products because your regular hair care is not suitable for sex dolls.

However, mild shampoos will do. Remove the wig from the head, wash it with a mild shampoo and apply a mild conditioner. If you have a wig stand, it’s perfect. Fix it on the stand and let it dry on its own. Don’t use a comb unless the hair is dry.

Choosing the Best Sex Doll in 2021: Bottom Line

If you’re excited about sex dolls and ready to buy one for yourself, don’t get confused with the number of dolls offered in the market. Concentrate on the following things while choosing among the dolls:

  • Size. Consider the storage issue. If you purchase a realistic sex doll-sized like a woman (over 5.2 ft.), you’ll have to find room for storage, away from the sunlight and humidity. It’s important if your sex doll is made of TPE. Nevertheless, silicone sex dolls also demand specific maintenance. Some manufacturers offer storage cases that you can keep under your bed and use while traveling. Don’t ignore storage hooks.
  • Type. If you are not into realism, there’s no need in buying a full-sized sex doll. Try a torso or a part of the body made of TPE or silicone. They offer as realistic sensations as big sex dolls. Sex dolls can be tiny, with a different number of orifices. If you want to save money on buying a lifelike sex doll, try buying a smaller one. It will be no more than 5 feet high.
  • Material. The majority of sex dolls are made either of TPE or medical-grade silicone. TPE is more long-lasting but fragile. Silicone is long-lasting as well, but it should be regularly moist because it can crack from excessive dryness. Besides, silicone is less bouncy. TPE seems to be among the most popular materials for sex dolls.
  • Functionality. Read the description of each sex doll carefully. If you are interested only in vaginal sex, oral and anal orifices are not crucial for you. Not all sex dolls offer an oral penetration option. There are also sex dolls coming together with a fake penis, that can be fixed in a vagina of a doll.
  • Skeleton. Small and big sex dolls with hands, arms, and heads, usually have an inner metal skeleton. It keeps the parts together and helps the sex doll stay in positions that will be comfortable for you. If you are interested in active, standing sex, pay attention to the presence of the optional reinforced shoulders and feet. In some cases, the skeletons of the sex dolls might feel a bit stiff in the beginning. But after a couple of times of use, the stiffness disappears.
  • Maintenance. Every doll should be cleaned and washed according to the instruction. If you can’t find the instructions contact the online management of the company. They will consult you online. If you ignore the maintenance of your doll, the material will slowly get damaged and cracked. Tiny cuts and tears can be filled with a special substance usually offered by the seller. For easier maintenance, invest in a toy with detachable elements and insertable vaginal, anal, and oral orifices. It will make the maintenance effortless.
  • Customization. Sex dolls offered by reputable manufacturers can usually be customized in line with the preferences of the user. You can pick anything, starting from the eye color, finishing with the amount of pubic hair. There are also optional parts for the dolls, like warmers, special cleaners, hooks and rods for storage, extra penises, and more. Remember that each of these elements will cost you additional money. However, if you’re looking for a sex doll to use for a long time, this investment will be beneficial.