Best Tactics to Test

  • Are you willing to perform longer in bed?
  • What are the reasons preventing you from it?
  • What is performance anxiety?
  • What are the ways to fight premature ejaculation?
  • What are the best meds for Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation?
  • What techniques will make me last longer?
  • What are the best sex training techniques?
  • Are there any alternative treatments?

We’re planning to help you find the most satisfying answers to these questions. There’s a range of reasons making you feel uncomfortable while you’re having sex, and there are possibilities to make you pass on to the behavioral changes between the sheets.

Technically, reaching orgasm for a man is easier than for a woman. Nevertheless, problems are always possible. Premature ejaculation often occurs in men over 40. It’s unpleasant and entirely unsatisfying because ejaculation does not mean that you experience an orgasm.

Short Facts

  • 1 in 10 men experiences Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation;
  • According to the studies with the participation of 500 couples, the average ejaculation time is 5 and a half minutes;
  • If you ejaculate within one minute, it can be a sign of a health condition that can be treated.

Premature Ejaculation is a very common problem caused by a bunch of factors, starting from the psychological sex problems, finishing with the physiological conditions. Primary PE is usually psychological. It’s not threatening, but it does not mean it should be ignored. Secondary PE can be caused by depression, anxiety, and health conditions linked to the prostate. Both primary and secondary PE is easily treated through several tactics.

How to Deal with Sex Performance Anxiety & Last Longer

If you’re merely worried about your inability to perform for as long as you want, you are suffering from psychological anxiety. It’s normal even for the younger men, but it does not mean that you should ignore this issue.

A consultation with a sexologist or a psychologist will help you deal with a bunch of troubles in the future. If the problem persists, you’ll have to see your general practitioner for a more detailed examination.

Fighting PE Without Professional Help

Foreplay before sex is important

Foreplay can even be more pleasant than sex itself. Get engaged in the foreplay, which will greatly increase the pleasure and duration of sex.

Building control will help you last

There are two effective techniques you can stick to. Squeeze the penis head each for about 20 seconds before you feel like you’re going to ejaculate. Use the “stop-start” technique. Take a deep breath and stop for several seconds before the climax. Make pauses during intimacy or masturbation – it will train your endurance.

Masturbation before sex is helpful

Masturbation is a natural and very useful process. It’s a neutral alternative to sex. If you can masturbate a couple of hours before sex, it will help you last longer and ejaculate when you want it.

Self-distraction is effective

Regardless of how awkward it sounds, learn to distract yourself in the process of sex. A couple of mundane tasks, like revising multiplication tables or doing simple sums will distract your brain and help you delay ejaculation.

Thick condoms make miracles

Safe intimacy is obligatory in all cases. But if you choose thicker condoms without ribs for additional stimulation, you’ll manage to delay the ejaculation thanks to the decreased sensations.

Talks with your partner are a must

Your partner should know about your worries and be prepared. A caring partner will support you, which will give you the motivation to treat your problem.

Do You Want to Help Your Partner Last Longer?

If you’re a loving partner, help your beloved to deal with this delicate problem. The following tactics can help you:

  • Try switching positions. Have sex on top of your partner to control the tension and penis tip stimulation.
  • Be supportive. Don’t judge your partner for his inability to last longer. It’s not a stigma, and if your couple does not manage to deal with the situation, a knowledgeable healthcare practitioner will help you.
  • Add more pleasures to your everyday life together. Sex is wonderful but there are numerous things you can do together to distract your partner from his worries.
  • Don’t prioritize ejaculation. Don’t make orgasm the main priority. An erection is an enjoyable experience, and there’s no need in making it crucial for penetrative sex.
  • Enhance your sexual activity through unusual foreplay. Use new scenarios and tactics to distract your partner from the concentration on ejaculation.

Are There Safe Treatments Available?

If you understand that behavioral changes and psychological techniques do not work, it’s time to pass on to simple medical treatments.

IMPORTANT! We merely inform you about the possible medical treatments and do not act as medical practitioners. You should have a professional discussion with a physician who will analyze the results of your recent check-up and consult you on the proper dosage. Be careful because self-treatment is dangerous.

How to Last Longer with Meds?

  • EMLA cream. It’s an anesthetic medical cream destined to numb the nerve endings in the penis and delay ejaculation.
  • Priligy. It’s a drug that can help you last longer through the impact on chemical reactions in the body. You can make the time before the ejaculation three times longer.
  • Anesthetic condoms. They are similar to the anesthetic medical cream numbing the sensitive penis areas. Besides, they are very convenient and don’t demand complex application before intimacy.

Such meds as Levitra, Cialis, Spedra, and Viagra can also be helpful. They help to get an erection and maintain it significantly longer than usual. However, you shouldn’t take these pills without your doctor’s control. A health check is obligatory. Remember that PE and ED are often connected on the psychological level.

How to Last Longer in Sex: TOP 3 Alternative Treatments

Counseling & Therapy

ED and PE are psychological health problems in the majority of cases. There’s a range of underlying issues that can be detected by experienced psychologists. You’ll be amazed at how fast you can resolve this health trouble. It’s highly probable that you do not need any special medical health.

Exercises for Pelvic Floor

Kegels are among the most effective exercises for male sexual health. Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, and they will stimulate the blood flow in the penile area. It will help you gain control over your erection and ejaculation.

Diet & Lifestyle

Consider changing your eating habits and become more active. Sports activities or any other physical activities promote a stronger and more intensive blood flow not only in the body but in the area of the penis as well.

Healthy foods make a significant impact on the quality of sexual life. Avoid sugary foods, excessive amounts of red meat, and dairy. Add more fruit and vegetables to your regular diet and drink more water.

How to Last Longer in Sex: TOP 10 Tips to Try

  • Avoid excessive thrusting. There’s no need to penetrate your partner too deep. You should be focused on the behavior of your nerve endings while having sex. Try to massage the clitoris of your partner with the tip of the penis or penetrate the vagina only with the glans. Enjoyable sex for a woman does not imply a huge penis. It’s enough to massage the g-spot with the tip of the cock to deliver an enjoyable orgasm and delay the ejaculation.
  • Learn new forms of sex. It’s not only about the penis-vagina process. Focus on the other types of stimulation, like massage, oral sex, or experiments with kinks. It will help you stay less focused on the result, thus, delaying your ejaculation.
  • Focus on balance and technique while having sex. Don’t do it in one position all the time. Give your penis some rest while switching between the positions and caressing your partner. Don’t act like a jackrabbit and give your cock time off from time to time.
  • Avoid positions where you can get super deep in your partner. Grinding will be more fruitful than thrusting if you want to last longer and deliver pleasure to your partner. Besides, most women rarely have an orgasm through deep penetrative sex without the stimulation of the clitoris. Concentrate on external stimulation.
  • Edging can save you. It’s among the best training options for longer sex and later ejaculation. Why edging? You get yourself to the edge of the climax and sharply stop, trying to control your excitement. A regular practice like this will teach your brain to control your body better.
  • More lubricant is helpful. Use A LOT of water-based lubricant for less-thrusting and rubbing stimulation.
  • There’s a well-known “squeeze” method. If you feel like you’re about to ejaculate, squeeze the bottom part of the penis glans with a forefinger and a thumb. This way, you’ll provide sufficient pressure and push part of the blood out of your penis.
  • Anesthetic wipes are very convenient. They contain a mild anesthetic, known as benzocaine. It will numb the nerve endings in the penis and significantly decrease the sensitivity. These wipes can also be used for a partner with a vagina. This numbing will help both of you last longer and enjoy the process till the desired climax.
  • Try technologically advanced devices for self-training and promotion of sexual endurance. There’s a wide range of FDA-approved tools and devices for masturbation and the development of endurance in intercourse. A masturbation gadget will cost you around $300. It usually comes with detailed instruction and recommendations on how to use it in a combination with the other training techniques. The training program usually lasts about a month and a half.
  • Have you ever heard about a virtual sex therapist? It’s a mobile application for those who do not want to spend money on endurance masturbation tools. It’s a program that will help you get through several training steps on the way to the desired sexual experience.

Coital Alignment Technique (CAT)

Following this technique, the partner with a vagina lies on the back. The legs should be spread comfortably as if it were a missionary position. The one who does the penetration raises himself on the arms with the arched back and shoulders placed high. It’s common to the upward-facing dog position in yoga.

The point is that the one who penetrates shifts forward. He presses the penis against the pelvis of the partner. The aim is to point down, not up. The penis will be rubbing against the clitoris without entering the vagina.

The clitoris is very sensitive and very responsive to the stimulation of the top penis side (also called the dorsal side). The friction and sufficient pressure with vertical movements can deliver a more explosive orgasm than usual penetrative intercourse.

Understand that you shouldn’t concentrate on thrusting. This technique is not suitable for regular penetration. You’ll only manage to insert a tip of the penis inside the partner’s vagina.

It will take your time to adjust and find the right angle so that your partner and you are both pleased. You can also invest in a special pillow for a more comfortable and anatomical position. The pelvis should be positioned upward so that the rubbing of the penis could directly stimulate the clitoris.

To enhance the process, you can ask your partner to wrap the legs around your waist. It will help to make a sort of seal between pelvises. Besides, you’ll manage to synchronize with each other through rocking movements.

Expert Advice

If it feels like nothing’s working for you, it’s time to seek professional advice. Biofeedback, edging, and masturbation tools destined to train endurance are effective.

Nevertheless, if you don’t see any changes, no matter how hard you try, see your therapist so that he could give you a referral to the urologist. The urologist will examine you and either treat you himself or send you to another specialist.

It will be a complex therapy that will not cost you a fortune. The right person will teach you about the mental and physical mechanisms leading to premature ejaculation.

How to Last Longer in Sex: Bottom Line

Now, let’s innumerate the basics you have to remember if you’re willing to last longer in sex:

  • If you are suffering from sex performance anxiety without any underlying physiological issue or medication therapy, don’t be shy and visit a psychologist or sexologist. He can help you with a couple of psychological therapy sessions.
  • Don’t use PE and ED medications unless you are sure you don’t have contraindications. Consult your doctor and do a medical check-up first.
  • Talk to your partner about your problem. The more you’re trying to hide, the more painful consequences you will get in a relationship.
  • Reconsider your diet and lifestyle. Be more active, which is not necessarily sports, but other physical activities. Walk more or use a bicycle to get to work instead of the car or public transport if possible.
  • Change sex positions for the ones that do not imply complete penetration. Petting, massaging, and rubbing can be as satisfying as regular penetration.
  • Don’t concentrate on the orgasm. Concentrate on the process of getting pleasure.
  • Distract yourself with tiny mental tasks while having sex to delay the climax.
  • Give your cock some rest between the penetrations and make pauses while having sex. You can change for oral sex in the pauses.
  • Masturbate before having sex to minimize the excitement and sexual tension.
  • Masturbate regularly, using the edging technique or special masturbation devices for endurance training.
  • Try numbing lotions, gels, creams, tissues, and lubricants to gain better control over the nerve endings of the penis.
  • Use a lot of water-based lube to reduce the friction and thrusting while having sex or masturbating.

Stay healthy and consult your physician to make sure your premature ejaculation is not linked to some underlying causes. Remember that PE and ED are now easily treated in the simplest and painless ways that do not demand surgery or unpleasant manipulations with your body.