You don’t need any advice to understand where you should insert your penis and how to use a regular masturbator like a brand Fleshlight. However, you might be unaware of several things.

Do you want your Fleshlight to last a lifetime? Are there any tricks to make it more effective and last longer? Is there anything you can do out of the original Fleshlight instruction?

Let’s analyze everything basing on the reviews of the active Fleshlight users.

What Do You Know About Fleshlight?

A Fleshlight looks like a flashlight, which should be evident even for the newbies in the world of sex toys.

When the cap is on, it reminds an innocent object that anyone can have in the household. Remove the cap from the Fleshlight to reveal what’s inside.

So, what do we have here? A fake vulva with a deep channel inside that you can penetrate until you are entirely satisfied.

Fake vaginas or Fleshlights are different, depending on the needs of the potential buyers. They can be:

  • Entirely realistic from the outside and the inside, imitating the real vagina, anus, or mouth;
  • Plain, with a simple, smooth orifice and an almost smooth channel with a couple or three chambers inside the channel for a bit of stimulation;
  • Realistic molds from the vaginas of famous porn stars with their signatures on them;
  • Unrealistic with unpredictable colors;
  • Unrealistic for stamina training – they have nothing in common with regular vagina simulators because they stimulate you harder than any sex toy with many bumps and ridges for maximum pleasure.

Fleshlights: Materials & More

Plastic is usually the basic material for the outside. The inner part inside is usually made from TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) or medical-grade silicone. Brand Fleshlight products are famous for their unique Superskin material, which is smooth and soft like real skin.

Of course, a Fleshlight has nothing in common with real sex. Nevertheless, it offers new levels of pleasure and an opportunity to train your stamina.

Besides, it helps to restore sexual drive and give stronger erections to patients with Erectile Dysfunction or Premature Ejaculation.

The shapes and sizes are different, depending on the brand. There’s a ton of pocket masturbators produced by numerous manufacturers in addition to the branded Fleshlight, which is considered to be an original masturbation product. Fleshlight company was the first one to offer pocket pussies molded from famous porn stars.

If you’re looking for advanced options, seek masturbators with vibration, warming, and audio features.

There are also smart options that can connect to your phone through the mobile application. Some of the models can be fixed in automatic machines that move your masturbator themselves. You can even sync your masturbator with VR and a porn video from any of your favorite porn web resources.  

Using a Fleshlight: Comprehensible Guide

If the information mentioned above was not useful for you, you’re probably looking for the exact instructions because your masturbator or Fleshlight is already in your hands. Here are the basic five things you should know to use your masturbator properly.

First Steps

Preparation of the environment is one of the most crucial things. Firstly, make sure that nothing distracts you from the process.

The door should be locked and your relatives, neighbors, roommates, and pets should stay away from the process. You don’t want anyone to see and hear you in the process, do you?

The pets present in your room can spoil your sex toy in a blink. Secondly, make sure your sex tool is perfectly clean. Even if it’s freshly purchased, you should wash it to save yourself from rashes and allergic reactions. Thirdly, place a bottle of water-based lubricant close to you. A box of tissues can also come in handy. 

Also, if you are not in a fuss, warm the inside part of your sex tool with warm water for a more comfortable and natural feeling. The warmth of the artificial vagina will make it easier to slide in and enjoy the process. Combined with a nice portion of lubricant, it will help you get the most satisfying experience.

Don’t forget to switch off your phone if you’re not planning to use it for watching porn.

Yep, the preparation is among the dullest things of the whole process. However, you’ll bless yourself in the end for the thoroughly performed first steps. You don’t want to be interrupted, right? And the bottle of lube left somewhere away from your bed or couch will be very disturbing.

Turn Your Mood On

Now we are moving to the fun part. Get yourself aroused. The ways of creating sexual excitement are different, and it’s up to you to decide what turns you on most. Here are the simplest ways we suggest:

  • Porn content is the shortest way.
  • Create a frisky scenario in your head, which can be more effective than porn.
  • Try sexting online or start a video chat (of course, it might cost you money).
  • Try to remember the episode when you had the most enjoyable sex ever.
  • Lube up and finger your sex tool.

If you are not into porn in the process, relaxing music in the background is the best choice.

Lube Is a Must

Everything prepared? Cool. Before inserting anything into the toy, apply much lube on the inner surface of the sleeve. Do the same with your penis. It will help you achieve a smooth experience. Of course, it’s up to you to decide how much lube you need, but you should remember that water-based lubes make your sex tool live longer.

Water-based lubes are the best ones. Oil-based and silicone-based ones can destroy the inner structure of the tunnel.

Be Gentle

Now that you are heated up, it’s time to bang your silicone cutie. Do you fancy a certain cam girl? Imagine her masturbating with you and enjoy. Your fleshlight is full of lube. Lie on your back, get the sex tool, and stroke it manually.

The sensations will be more pleasing if you close your eyes. However, there are transparent fake pussy options for those who enjoy the penetration process.

The pace, speed, and penetration depth are personal, and you’ll have to take a bit of your time to understand what is best for you. Thankfully, it’s not complicated. Most masturbators have a hole in the back. It’s there for your convenient penetration, but you can put your finger in it for more pleasing sensations. If you want to regulate the tightness manually, you can take the sleeve out of the case and press it with your fingers along the penis.

Maintenance Is Also a Must

After being completely satisfied with a sex toy, you have to deal with the maintenance. Of course, you should have time for rest, but putting the Fleshlight away and playing video games after applying it is unacceptable.

The following maintenance steps will come in handy:

  • Take the sleeve out of the case.
  • Wash the plastic case with soapy water and dry it with a towel or let it dry on its own. Most of your juices get to the bottom lid, so, don’t forget to scrub the bottom of the case.
  • After you clean the case, put the soap away. You shouldn’t clean the silicone or TPE parts with soapy water — it can make the material deteriorate.
  • You’ll need nothing but warm water for the inside sleeve. Just hold under the running water for a few seconds. Don’t forget to run the water through the orifice and the canal.
  • You can turn the sleeve inside out to get rid of the biological remnants. Make sure you’re gentle and don’t rub it too hard not to spoil the inner structure.
  • As soon as the sleeve is washed out, you can leave it anywhere away from the moisture and let it dry on its own.

More Details to Know

The sales of sex toys are rising over the years because of modern people’s interest in more satisfying intimacy. The massive social barrier is finally dissolving, and talking about sex and ways of having it is now as normal as going for groceries.

A Fleshlight can significantly spice up your relationship. Besides, when your partner is away, you can always use it for personal satisfaction without being afraid to hurt your partner emotionally.

Let’s keep on further on how a masturbator can spice up your sex life.

Additional Important Information

The canal of the Fleshlight, as well as the one of any premium masturbator, is very gentle. Remember the following:

  • The textured canal is very fragile. Of course, you can slam it hard for a rough masturbation session, but you shouldn’t forget about plenty of lube so that your erect penis combined with your physical effort does not tear it.
  • A generous amount of lubricant will reduce the sensitivity, while the thin layer of the lube will make you feel every single rib and bump. However, you should be very gentle with a small amount of lube not to make the toy deteriorate.
  • Micro-tearing is very common for masturbators. If you want to prolong the lifespan of the tool, you can use special maintenance products released by the manufacturers of the toys.

Why Do You Need to Warm It Up?

Using it cold can lessen your sexual excitement. A sleeve is comfortable to the touch, but its temperature cannot be compared with the one of your body. Use warm, no-soapy water to make the sleeve feel real.

TIP: If you’re applying a branded Fleshlight, you can buy a special sleeve warmer from the manufacturer. It’s convenient and safe for your masturbation device.

Using It

A generous amount of the best lubricant is essential. Use your fingers to push the lube as deep as you can into the sleeve. Do the same with your penis if you find your Fleshlight too tight.

Start it slow. There’s no need to hurry if it’s your first time. Twisting and turning your masturbator can bring new sensations. Try massaging the glans first to boost up your sexual excitement. Give yourself time to feel the inner texture with the penis head.

A Fleshlight cannot be compared to the right hand, and you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to use it properly. Of course, you do have the right to hammer your self-satisfaction tool like never before if you feel horny.

You can control the suction level through the special cap in the base. If you want, you can remove the cap and finger the hole in the back to control the suction.

IMPORTANT! Fleshlight products are pricey enough, co regard them as an investment. Don’t forget about cleaning as soon as you are ready for it. The faster you do the cleaning, the better.

Alternative Options

There’s a ton of ways you can benefit from a Fleshlight.

  • Start with a shower mount. You can attach it to the wall of the shower cabin or the tiles with the help of a suction cup for an enjoyable hands-free experience.
  • Yes, you can use it in the shower, but you shouldn’t forget about the water-based lube so that your toy stays safe and sound.
  • Fancy being creative and place the masturbator between the pillows or cushions in your bed. Make sure you don’t break the furniture in the process.
  • Use the sleeve without the case to press and stretch it the way you want, but remember that this option is a lot messier. When a Fleshlight is fully assembled, you don’t have to care about the mess around. You merely have to clean it up afterward (grab a couple of towels before you start the action).

IMPORTANT! Applying the sleeve without the case can reduce the lifespan of the sex tool, especially if you ignore the maintenance. However, numerous users agree that it’s worth it.

Try New Experience with Masturbators

The masturbators are not standard. They can be used in different ways. They are stamina trainers, tools used for medical purposes, anatomical reproductions of porn stars, and more.

There are decent replacements for Fleshlights. Have you ever heard anything about Eggs by Tenga? They are significantly cheaper and more convenient if you’re a keen traveler interested in compact sex toys. There’s a number of vibrating Fleshlight replacements.

Other Best Ways to Use Fleshlights

Stroking is not the only way to use a Fleshlight. Here are the other options to try:

Solo Missionary Position Way

Imagine yourself pounding someone in a missionary position. Place your masturbator under the pillow or a plush toy, press the toy or a pillow hard with your hands and start getting in and out until you are satisfied.

Doggy Style Way

The mattress on your bed or the base of the bed will help you out to play. If you need to fix the Fleshlight properly, duct tape will help you out. You can also fix the masturbator between the cushions of the sofa. We also recommend buying a special mount that can be fixed to any smooth surface so that you could enjoy the doggy-style action.

Shower Power Way

Yep, we’ve been discussing it previously. A shower mount is a very powerful thing. However, it will cost you additional investment because it does not come in the package. Regulate the height of the mount the way you find it comfortable and get started!

Couple Play Way

Involve your partner in the action. You have no idea how enjoyable mutual masturbation can be.

It’s a very underrated activity. Each of you masturbates with a favorite sex toy while both are watching each other. You’ll be impressed at how powerful the climax will be. Choose a porn video to your liking and watch it together while you are playing.

Couple masturbation is a very profitable experiment and a huge boost up to your sex life.

Solo Spooning Action

Merely fix your masturbator on a pile of pillows and fix it with sticky tape or anything else that might come in handy. Lie on your side and enjoy the masturbation in this position, imagining you’re spooning someone.

Best Double Pleasure

The easiest way to make the best out of the masturbator is to add up more sex toys. Anal stimulators will deliver enjoyable pleasure when incorporated with masturbators. If you are still afraid of stimulating a prostate gland, you’re losing a lot.

Buy a small butt plug or a tiny vibrating bullet, insert it in the anus, and switch it on either before you start stroking, or in the process. If you’re still afraid of using butt plugs, a bottle of water-based lube can change a lot and improve everything at the start.

Incorporate your partner. Ask him or her to use a regular dildo or a vibrator to penetrate the anus and start masturbating (you can fix your pussy with the pillows).

Suction Is Cool

We’ve already discussed it, but if you missed this information while scrolling through the article, remember the following.

You can use the suction cup of your Fleshlight more practically. There’s a small hole at the end of the sleeve that you can control with your finger by closing and opening it when you need it best. It will give you the possibility to control the suction and deliver additional pleasure with the stimulation of your fingertip.

Twisted Oral

Another possibility is to use a Fleshlight to have oral sex with your partner while you’re penetrating it. This play type is a possibility to please each other simultaneously. Merely make sure your partner feels comfortable.

Convenient & Best Fleshlight Using Tip

Now you know everything about the usage of Fleshlight and similar masturbators for sex play, we are ready to pass on to the next tip, that will be enjoyable and easy as it can be.

A Condom Makes Maintenance Effortless

Are you willing to use your Fleshlight several times in a row? Use a condom. Well, a Fleshlight is not a real pussy, and you will not feel much difference using it with a condom.

Of course, using a silicone or TPE masturbator with water-based lubricant is obligatory if you want the toy to last long. When you finish the session, you can merely put your fake pussy away for another session you’re planning the same day.

One of the best things about the majority of condoms is that they already have a premium lubricant on them. It’s not much, but enough for you to play with, satisfy yourself, and not spoil your fake pussy from the inside.

Best Way to Use Fleshlight: Bottom Line

Using a Fleshlight is not hard. You should only stick to the following principles:

  • Warm it up;
  • Clean it up;
  • Use maintenance tools offered by the official manufacturer;
  • Apply only water-based lubricants;
  • Don’t clean the sleeve with soapy water;
  • Use cornstarch or special powder produced by the manufacturer on the inner surface of the inner part after cleaning and drying;
  • Don’t ignore additional products like shower mounts and warmers.

A Fleshlight is a decent investment. Make sure you keep it clean, which is important not only for the lifespan of the toy but for your health as well.