What Do We Know about Fleshlights?

A Fleshlight is a brand product released by an American manufacturer. It’s about 23 years old, and most men are obsessed with it. These toys are quite expensive due to the following characteristics:

  • SuperSkin material, which is pleasant to the touch of the private parts;
  • The hard and long-lasting casing, that does not need special maintenance and looks discreet;
  • Removable and interchangeable sleeves;
  • Convenient suction cup for the most realistic penetration;
  • A wide choice of product options, starting from the basic life-like models, finishing with the ones molded from the most famous porn actresses.

It’s sometimes hard to maintain the sleeves of the Fleshlights because you have to use specific cleaning products and water-based lubricant solutions. There are also options for sex endurance training.

Of course, the price for these products seems to be too much. Nevertheless, Fleshlights can last a lifetime if you treat them properly.

If you don’t have enough money for a tool like this, we’re ready to inform you about the possibilities and tested homemade solutions. So, how can you create your Fleshlight?

Making Fleshlights with Your Own Hands

It’s hard to say exactly why a man would like to use a handmade toy, but if you are adventurous and open to something new, we’re here to help with the time-tested fake pussy options widespread over the web.

We’ve scanned the internet and had to do a bit of research to list the most popular homemade pocket pussy options. You’ll be amazed at how many sex toys you can create with the help of the most common household items.

How to Make a Fleshlight? 25 Homemade Fleshlights to Test

You won’t have to search for any special materials and components to try these homemade masturbation solutions. They are easy, fast, and don’t demand much time to create.

Latex Glove & Towel

It’s one of the most popular and simple homemade Fleshlights. Let’s pass on to how to make it yourself. The variations are always possible because everything depends on the size of the components.

You turn the towel in a roll and fold the roll in half. You can either apply a condom or a latex glove to the inner surface. The base of the glove or condom should be left out for about an inch and a half and fixed on the outside of the towel roll.

It’s one of the simplest ways of making a fake pussy. Of course, you’ll hardly be able to apply it more than once. However, it’s a marvelous option you can try to fulfill your sex needs.

TIP: Google for the videos on Pornhub, where the local users show how to construct a pocket pussy out of scratch. Of course, it’s not a fleshlight, but quite pleasing for a lonely, horny guy who needs a bit of calm.

Be sure you are not allergic to latex. For a more enjoyable experience, apply plenty of water-based lubricant. Remember that latex cannot be combined with oils and silicone lubes. Water-based lubes are not more expensive than silicone ones, but they help your toys and even condoms last longer during penetrative sex or masturbation. Now you know how to craft the basic masturbator out of nothing.

Toilet Paper Fleshlight

It’s one of the cheapest and environmentally safe options. No fleshlight can be as cheap as that! You need a toilet paper roll with a cardboard center, that you should remove before turning it into a homemade Fleshlight.

Replace the cardboard enter with a condom or a latex toy and stretch the bottom part of the condom or a glove over the surface of the toilet paper roll. Once you are satisfied, you merely throw away the condom and keep on using the toilet paper roll unless you decide to turn it into a Fleshlight again.

The device cannot be compared to a real Fleshlight, but it works. You can also use a couple of Rubber bands to fix a condom or a latex glove in place. Latex gloves give more tightness and pressure than condoms.

Pringles & Sponges

Yep, most people consider Pringles overrated, but there’s something special you can do to them to turn them into more productive items. Merely put a couple of sponges inside of the empty bottle so that there’s a tunnel left between them.

You’ll need something to collect your sperm (a condom or a latex glove, as usual). Fix it inside the tunnel and get the bottom of it out and fix it with the rubber bands. Duct tape will also do as a fixing element.

TIP: Soak the sponges in warm water before putting them into the bottle for a more comfortable feeling. Besides, be sure the sponges are soft and not abrasive. It will only create the illusion of a pussy, but it will help you release the tensions when horny. Plenty of water-based lube will add up some pleasing sensations.

Banana Peel

Cut the end of the fresh banana and squeeze the fruit out. The peel should be empty. Of course, if bits of banana stay inside, it’s not a trouble. They will serve as a lubricant. Merely place your cock inside the peel and start jacking!

The other tip of the banana will serve as a cum-catcher. It’s very convenient and environmentally friendly. The best thing here is that you can apply the banana peel with any lubricant you might desire. You will throw the peel away in the end, anyway.

Plastic Bottles & Sponges

This homemade option is very similar to the one with the Pringles bottle. You’ll need a plastic bottle or a cylindrical container made of plastic enough for your cock size. You put two sponges soaked in the warm water inside and leave a tunnel between them.

Then you take a condom and fix it in the tunnel between the sponges. The bottom of the condom should be rolled out and fixed with duct tape or with the sponges on the outside of the bottle or a plastic container.

Sponges within a plastic container tend to move in the process of masturbation. You can double them with more soft sponges or somehow fix them inside with double-sided duct tape.

TIP: Avoid using non-tempered glass – plastic is safer for your private parts.

Latex Glove, Rubber Band & Three Socks

Do you want to learn how to craft a pocket pussy without excessive trouble? You’ll need a rubber band, three socks, and a condom (or a latex glove). The two socks should be folded and placed next to each other to form the sides of the hole. Place a condom or a glove between the folded socks and wrap the whole construction in the third sock. The excess condom or glove should be taken out and fixed above the fake vagina with a rubber band.

A sex toy like this is very simple, and you won’t have any trouble reassembling it into three innocent socks in the end. No one will ever know anything about your guilty pleasure and how your please yourself when horny.

How to Recreate a Fifi?

If you’ve already spent much time looking for a new way to recreate a Fleshlight, you might have already run into the term “Fifi”. It’s a plain sex tool crafted from simple materials. Condoms and disposable sleeves will do. You’ll also need a towel and rubber bands for fixation. Now let’s learn how to make it.

It’s a common sex toy in prison. You’ll need three latex gloves, warm water, a towel, and a couple of rubber bands. Two gloves should be half-filled with warm water and tied at the ends so that the water does not leak. Then, these two gloves filled with water should be wrapped inside a towel. The third glove should be placed between the two gloves with water. Fix the third glove on the outside of the towel with a rubber band and start pumping!


It’s a very crafty method for inventive, horny users.

You’ll need a tall glass or a bottle (make sure it’s bigger than your cock). You’ll also need about 100g of cornstarch mixed with 100ml of water.

The substance should be mixed thoroughly. Then, you’ll have to add up to 100ml of water again and keep on mixing the substance. After mixing, put a glass or a bottle with this substance in a microwave for about one minute. After microwaving, find something shaped like a stick to form a fake vagina through ¾ of your glass container.

Return the substance into the microwave for about thirty seconds. Take the container out and insert the stick one more time. Leave it there and put the container in the fridge (together with the stick). You’ll have to wait for about an hour until it’s ready. When the whole construction finally gets cool, it falls out of the glass or a bottle of your choice, and you can apply it as a regular masturbator.

The process is easy, but it takes time and patience. It’s a perfect homemade Fleshlight out of the cheapest materials possible. This crafty project is a little tricky, but it’s significantly different from the ones made with the application of rubber bands and gloves, and it feels more satisfying!

Plush Toy

It’s one of the simplest options figured out by young boys and girls, exploring their sexuality and first orgasmic sensations. You merely take a plush toy and make a hole in it.

You can fix the edges with a thread and a needle and penetrate the toy with a condom for a more comfortable feeling. It’s so easy! If you don’t want to waste too much money on a plush toy for sex, get to IKEA for a couple of cheap toys.

A knife or scissors will help you make a fitting hole in them. Using the toys repeatedly is possible, but you’ll have to put on a condom regularly. A homemade sex toy like this will cost you about $4. Any stuffed animals fitting the size of your penis are suitable.

TIP: Visit the Bear Mods website to learn more sex toys made of plush designed for masturbation. They are usually expensive, but they are going to last a lifetime. Besides, they look discreet!

Towel & Gummy Bears

This homemade pocket pussy project will be suitable for those who need more sensations. A towel combined with a condom or a rubber glove is fine, but there’s something you can do to boost up the construction. apply gummy worms or bears to make your sex toy squishy and soft.

Fold a towel in half and fix a latex glove inside the tunnel. Use gummy bears or worms to fill the space between the glove and a towel to create a more natural feeling inner surface of a handmade masturbator. Fix the glove on the outside to make an orifice.

You can fix this construction in a plastic container or any plastic tube for more convenient usage. Secure with duct tape. If you are still not sure how to do it right, there’s a ton of YouTube videos that might come in handy.

Floral Beads Pocket Pussy

It’s one of the easiest methods! Purchase a jar of floral beads. Take out about the fourth of the beads and merely insert a latex glove in it. Fix the opening of the glove around the rim of the jar from the outside. Duct tape will help you fix the glove in place. Smooth the glove with some lubricant and start jerking! You will be amazed at how much the squishy and soft texture of the flower beads can do to your penis.

If you don’t know what floral beads are, merely google for them and watch explaining videos and photos. It’s a very convenient filling for a homemade Fleshlight.


It’s a classic teenage device. You don’t have to invent anything special. Merely put your erect cock on the mattress and place a cushion or a pillow on it. Hold both sides of the pillow down over your cock and keep on pumping. If you want to avoid mess, apply a condom or a latex pillow. You can either do it horizontally or standing – everything depends on the height of the mattress.


Does your couch have tight gaps between the cushions? If none of your relatives can see you, give yourself some time and place your cock between them.

A condom will help you smooth the sensations and avoid the mess. Couch pillows are also very convenient when you have no idea where to place your Fleshlight – you can easily fix it between the pillows.

INTERESTING! It’s one of the most common masturbation methods that kids find out involuntarily. Teenagers often use couch cushions for masturbation and physical relief.

Pool Noodle & Gummy Worms

It’s among the easiest options among the realistic homemade Fleshlights. It won’t take too much time to make. You’ll need a swimming pool noodle. You should cut it to make it two inches longer than your cock (when it’s erect). The pool noodle piece should have two openings.

Now you can pass on to the inner surface. Make little slots with a knife so that you could place gummy worms or bears in them for extra texture. You can also glue them inside so that everything could stay in place.

This unique pattern will help you enjoy life-like sex stimulation. You can also cut the tube lengthways to make the cutting and fixing of the gummy bears more simple. Now place the glove in the tube and bring out the bottom of the glove to fix the rim on the outside.

Nerf Football

It’s even too simple. Get to Walmart or somewhere else where you can purchase foam Nerf football. It’s very cheap and usually costs about $2. You’ll need a sharp to cut a part of the ball’s surface so that the foam is accessible.

Make a hole in the foam and fill it with a condom or a latex glove. Use some nice lube and you are ready to go with a nice masturbation session!

Sponges & Bubble Wrap

Find a large plastic bottle (the one from the coke will do). Get rid of the top of the bottle (merely cut it off) to get a tube. Soak the soft sponges in warm water to make them more pleasant to the touch. Apply bubble wrap to wrap the sponges and leave a little tunnel between them. Then you should make a sort of a sandwich and fix it within the plastic tube you’ve made from the cola bottle. Get some duct tape to keep everything in place.

Bubble wrap is among the cheapest and best stimulating options of a fake vagina that you can do out of scratch. Of course, you have to use a condom or at least a latex glove to make sure no sperm stays inside of it. You can also apply rubber bands around the orifice of your homemade Fleshlight.

IMPORTANT! Remember that wet sponges become smelly and moldy with time. That’s why homemade masturbators should not be used as long-term masturbation devices. It’s about hygiene and health.

Bottle with Pillow Stuffing

Do you have an unwanted cushion or pillow at home? Don’t throw it away if you’re interested in a bit of unpredictable naughty action. You’ll also need a condom and a plastic tube or a bottle, suitable for the size of your penis. Roll the stuffing around the condom to make a space acceptable for penis insertion.

Apply a plastic bottle for the tube and place your condom-stuffing construction into it. The edges of the bottle or tube of your choice should not be sharp. If you do everything accurately, you’ll manage to place a part of the stuffing over the edge of the tube and fix it with the bottom of the condom or a latex glove. A masturbator like this will not cost you much, but it will be worth the effort!

You can also fill the bottle or the tube of your choice with the stuffing and make a tunnel with the fingers. Duct-tape the edges of the plastic tube or a bottle to make sure everything is smooth and safe. Insert a latex glove or a condom inside the opening in the stuffing and stretch the rim above the outside of the tube. It’s a decent thing to try!

Cucumber & Duct Tape

If you want to try something girthier, try this masturbation life hack. It’s easy, fast, and effortless.

Get a large cucumber. Make sure it’s longer and wider than your cock. You can also purchase an eggplant or a zucchini. It should be about two inches longer than your erect penis. Cut your vegetable in half lengthways and get rid of the flash with a teaspoon to create a tunnel suitable for the penetration.

Fix construction with duct tape for more stability and security of the construction. Duct tape or rubber bands will make the whole construction sturdy. According to the reviews of the users, duct tape is more convenient. Water is the basic ingredient of the cucumbers, and there will be enough moisture inside. However, a bit of lube will boost up your pleasure. Of course, if you don’t like it when it’s extra slippery, a cucumber without the lube will do.

INTERESTING! We checked whether cucumbers are fruit or vegetables while writing the article for you. Cucumbers are fruit!

Melon Fake Pussy

Ok, we’re now on the verge of jerking off with a piece of fruit. What about masturbating with a help of a melon? It’s easy, it will make a sweet and nice-smelling vagina, and you won’t have to invest any effort into it except for a bit of cutting.

A cantaloupe melon will be a perfect option. Carve a hole in the melon and start the show. The natural moisture will deliver incredible sensations. Of course, it’s important to get rid of the seeds first.

Hot Water Bottles Pussy

Most lovers of handmade sex toys know this technique as the hot water bottle sandwich. A Fleshlight like this is very pleasant to the touch and life-like in matters of warmth and texture.

Get two hot water bottles filled with hot water (which is evident). Get a condom or a latex glove and place it between them. You should make something reminding a sandwich. Get duct tape to fix the bottles together and don’t forget to apply some lubricant for more enjoyment. It’s warm and a bit bubbly.

IMPORTANT! Hot water bottles are very cheap. If you already have a couple of them within the household, you’re a winner. Just make sure you choose a comfortable temperature. You don’t want to burn your penis, do you?

Baggie and Mattress Technique

That’s another simple technique you can apply if you feel shy to go to the local sex shop. The baggie-mattress option is classic. Get a plastic bag for a sandwich and fill it with plenty of lubricant or Vaseline. Lift the mattress of your bed or a cushion of your couch and leave the plastic bag under it. Insert your penis inside and start pounding.

There’s a great number of videos where people show how to masturbate with a plastic bag and a mattress. Try JackinWorld.com for more information on the baggie-mattress technique. If your bed is so good and the mattress is textured enough, you don’t need any tools to deal with your horny mood.

IMPORTANT! Make sure the bedframe is smooth and comfortable for your penis. Otherwise, you’ll end up wondering why you attempted this DIY yourself. Yikes.

Bubble Wrap

When you need something simple reminding you of a real pussy, just fix a sheet of bubble wrap around your penis. You can also wrap a towel around it and fix it with duct tape or rubber bands. The towel will help you to grab your toy and the bubbles will deliver intensive stimulation. Wear a condom for a smoother feeling!

Glove & Sock. Again

If you are not gifted with crafting, choose this option as the easiest way to sex pleasure through DIY solutions. Make an artificial pussy with a warm, wooly sock. Roll it upon itself to make the upper part look like a donut. Insert a condom or a latex glove inside and fix the orifice with a rubber band, if needed.

There’s no need to explain how to apply it further. Don’t forget about plenty of water-based lube. You can place more rubber bands along the sock masturbator construction to create the chambers for more intensive stimulation.


If you have no idea what we mean, google for ODDHILD and merely look at the pictures to understand how you can use this product as Fleshlight. It costs about £2, which is among the cheapest things you can use for a homemade Fleshlight.

This product is placed in a little fabric pouch like a sleeping bag. Take it out and cut around fifteen inches of length (it’s for the space suitable for masturbation). Roll it back again and place it in the pouch again. You’ll have enough space to build a tunnel for the cock. Use a condom or a glove to force ODDHILD to remind a pussy.

It’s not pricey, it’s simple, and you can regulate the pressure through the amount of the material inside the pouch.

This IKEA pouch turns this homemade masturbation device into a nice pocket pussy. It even looks like a Fleshlight.

A Party Balloon Pocket Pussy

It’s among the strangest designs for homemade masturbators. It’s not hard to construct it, but you’ll probably have to get to the local store to purchase the needed materials. You’ll need a container or a wide cup, which should be about 5 inches wide. You’ll also need four small party balloons, one latex glove, and duct tape for fixing.

Blow the balloons a little and tie the ends. You don’t have to inflate them too much – they should be big enough to fit the container (which you can see in the pictures). If you blow the balloons too hard, you can merely release the air from one of the balloons to minimize the tension.

Use duct tape to stick the balloons to the container. Use c latex glove or a condom and fix it between the balloons so that your penis could enter the tunnel. The edges of the glove or a condom should be fixed around the rim of the container.

Don’t forget about a bit of lubricant.

More Homemade Fake Pussy Options to Try: Shortlist

Now that you already understand how to create fake pussies, we are ready to provide you with more options and less commentary. Merely look through and try to pick out the one that you find the most suitable.

  • A couple of sponges and a rubber band inside fixed with several rubber bands;
  • A foldable leather couch or arm-chairs (you know what to do, right?);
  • A pie cooled down to the room temperature (yeah, it’s like in American Pie movies);
  • An oven mitt filled with overcooked pasta;
  • An inflated condom with the tied end can also do for fucking, though it’s not as stimulating as the original Fleshlight.

The variety of options is huge. Merely be sure you are not allergic to the materials you’re going to use for your handmade masturbator. The sponges should be soft, and the condoms should be firm enough if you’re into aggressive pounding. There’s no need in buying expensive condoms if you’re planning to use them with a fake Fleshlight. You won’t get an STD from a piece of plastic with a latex glove inside.

Remember the following:

  • Never use the same homemade Fleshlight more than a couple of times, because it’s not hygienic, especially if you ignore using the condoms;
  • Don’t save on duct tape and rubber bands to be sure your fake pussy imitation lasts long enough for you to cum;
  • Use water-based lubes even with hand-crafted tools because you never know how the materials of your choice affect the surfaces of your private parts.

Regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, you should be careful about the things you choose for sexual satisfaction. The best thing you can do to your health is to invest in an expensive toy once and use it through the years with minimum maintenance.

How to Make a Fleshlight: Cum-Clusion

Well, as you see, you don’t have to purchase many materials to create your masturbation toy. The basic materials are:

  • Rubber bands;
  • Towels;
  • Condoms and latex gloves;
  • Rubber bands;
  • Plastic and glass bottles or tubes;
  • Duct tape;
  • Sponges;
  • Gummy bears or worms;
  • Cornstarch and water;
  • Pillows;
  • Flower seeds;
  • Socks;
  • Bubble wraps;
  • Plastic sandwich bags;
  • Cucumber shaped vegetables and fruit;
  • Melons;
  • Toilet paper;
  • Banana peels;
  • Pool noodles.

If you have more unpredictable options to try, share your ideas with us so that we could add new masturbation methods to our list.

Of course, we cannot recommend these methods as the best ones for masturbation. The best thing you can do is to invest in a high-quality jerk-off toy and maintain it properly so that it could serve it for years.

There’s an abundance of masturbators, dolls, and sex tools for reasonable prices. Don’t be hesitant to order a toy, because the majority of the reputable manufacturers pack them properly and discreetly so that none of your family members or neighbors could understand what’s inside the box.

IMPORTANT! Homemade toys are not safe. Besides, it’s not a healthy choice. Comparing to the standard, FDA-approved toys, homemade Fleshlights are not hygienic. You shouldn’t keep them and use them more than a couple of times. Besides, you’ll still have to use water-based lube for more convenience and safety.

Take your time and have a look at the prices of the cheapest masturbators that can replace the brand Fleshlight tool. They won’t cost you much and will help you avoid a lot of trouble concerning the making and use of homemade solutions.

Our online management is here to help you find a cheap replacement for Fleshlights and the other toys.