Silicone Sex Dolls: The Ultimate Guide for Choosing Your Next Sex Partner

It’s time for you to learn more about the peculiarities of sex dolls and their practical features. They are accurately designed sex toys for adults with multiple functions.

Besides, they are not inflatable anymore. Now, even the cheapest sex dolls look life-like. Silicone sex dolls can be:

  • Large and realistic copies of women;
  • Realistic body parts;
  • Torsos.

The most expensive and high-quality realistic sex dolls have solid metal skeletons with firm joints and reinforced feet for standing sex and effortless storage. Modern TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) and silicone materials for sex dolls are very durable. They can withstand moisture and heat. Nevertheless, you’ll still have to remember the basic maintenance principles.


  • There are 4 eye colors: blue-green, green, brown, and blue
  • 3 nipple sizes are available: 3cm, 5cm, and 7cm
  • There are 2 nail colors


  • Convenient height
  • Comfortable weight for active sex
  • Firm, premium-quality joints


  • Huge and soft breasts
  • Surprisingly life-like appearance
  • Detailed customization


  • Very naturalistic body and overall appearance of the sex doll
  • Great customer support
  • The abundance of additional accessories for sex


  • The nipples have 3 diameters to choose from (3cm, 5cm, and 7 cm)
  • 2 nail color options and 10 toenail colors
  • 4 pubic hair options: bald (default choice) and 3 types of pubic hair

What’s the difference between TPE and silicone for sex dolls? Well, they are both pleasant to the touch, but silicone will last longer with proper maintenance.

TPE is cheaper than silicone but it still helps to create the best skin-like surface. Silicone is better from the hygienic point of view – it does not have pores, which simplifies the cleaning and washing after sex.

Here are the main advantages of silicone as the main material for sex dolls:

  • It helps to create more realistic orifices and canals for oral, anal, and vaginal sex;
  • It preserves the temperature of your body during sex;
  • It offers the best and faster maintenance after having sex;
  • It’s hypoallergenic;
  • It often comes with realistic, implanted hair.

There’s a wide range of sex dolls in the market to any sophisticated taste: short and tall, blondes and brunettes, BBW and skinny… You can find a sex doll with the appearance of any nation you might fancy.

The sex doll can also have additional functions, like automatic heating, moaning, and reinforced joints for a more true-to-life sex experience.

TOP 5 Sex Doll Models in 2021

The sex doll models we are presenting today are premium-quality masterpieces. If you’re looking for a cheaper but functional sex doll model, opt for a mini sex doll.

1. TIA Sex Doll

Genera Sex Doll Characteristics

  • There are three body colors available: white, natural, and tan.
  • You can choose among 10 hairstyles (wigs);
  • There are 4 pubic hair options: bald, light hair, medium hair, and heavy hair;
  • 10 toenail colors are available.
Our Pick
10 toenail colors

There’s a mandatory standing feet option – these are reinforced feet that help the sex doll stand.

  • Weight: 66.13 lbs
  • Height: 5.41 ft
  • Waist: 19.7
  • Hips: 31.5

Technical Sex Doll Characteristics

  • The materials are metal for the skeleton and silicone;
  • The vaginal depth is 6.7in;
  • The anal depth is 5.9in;
  • The bra is C;
  • The bust is 29.5in.

TIA Sex Doll: Pros & Cons


  • Detailed sex doll customization;
  • Natural height, and comfortable weight;
  • Smooth and resilient sex doll breasts;
  • Flawless customer support;
  • Discreet sex doll package;
  • Water-resistant material;
  • Effortless maintenance.


  • The hair is not implanted – only wigs;
  • It’s an expensive sex doll;
  • Demands much storage space;
  • TIA sex doll does not have an oral opening.

2. MADI Sex Doll

General Sex Doll Characteristics

  • 3 body tones are available (natural, white, and tan);
  • There are 10 hair color options in addition to the default one;
  • There are 4 eye colors for the choice: blue, green, blue-green, and brown;
  • The nipples can be 3cm, 5cm, and 7cm in diameter depending on your choice;
  • There are two color options for the nails and 10 colors for toenails.
Smooth body

Standing feet are not optional – they are mandatory with a sex doll of this height.

  • Weight: 66.13 lbs
  • Height: 5.41 ft
  • Waist: 19.7
  • Hips: 31.5

Technical Sex Doll Characteristics

  • The materials are metal for the skeleton and silicone for the body of the sex doll;
  • The vaginal depth is 6.7in;
  • The anal depth is 5.9in;
  • The bra is C;
  • The bust is 29.5in.

MADI Sex Doll: Pros & Cons


  • Very flexible arms and legs;
  • Very gentle and smooth body surface;
  • Appealing facial features;
  • Incredible, high-quality customer service;
  • Flawless, discreet packaging.


  • The hair is not implanted – it’s a removable wig;
  • You have to pay for the standing feet option even if you don’t need it;
  • There’s no oral canal in this sex doll;
  • High-quality, but expensive.

3. CLEONA Sex Doll

General Sex Doll Characteristics

  • The customization includes 3 body tones, 10 hairstyles, 4 eye colors, and 3 nipple sizes;
  • You can also choose between 2 mail colors and 10 toenail colors;
  • There are 4 pubic hair options (including the bald one).
Stable joints

Standing feet are mandatory (it’s a reinforced construction for the feet for easier storage and more comfortable standing sex).

  • Weight: 90.38 lbs
  • Height: 5.34 ft
  • Waist: 20.9
  • Hips: 36.2

Technical Sex Doll Characteristics

  • The materials are metal for the skeleton and silicone for the body;
  • The vaginal depth is 6.7in;
  • The anal depth is 5.9in;
  • The bra is F;
  • The bust is 32.7in.

CLEONA Sex Doll Pros & Cons


  • Curvy body;
  • Firm skeleton construction;
  • The best option for rough and active sex.


  • Very heavy;
  • Wigs are used for the hair – it’s not implanted;
  • Expensive;
  • You have to pay for the standing feet because it’s mandatory for the skeleton construction.

4. ELLA Sex Doll

General Sex Doll Characteristics

  • There are 4 body tone options: white, natural, tan, and dark tan;
  • There are 27 hairstyles to choose from;
  • There are 7 eye color options for this sex doll: light brown, medium brown, dark brown, blue, purple, green, and blue-green;
  • The shoulders of the sex doll can either be with or without reinforcement;
  • You can order the sex doll with movable eyes for more realism;
  • There are 3 nipple diameters (2cm, 4cm, and 6cm) and 3 nipple colors (natural, pink, and brown);
  • You can choose between 2 nail colors and 10 toenail colors;
  • The vagina can either stay fixed or you can order a removable option for extra money;
  • There are 4 pubic hair types: bald, light hair, medium hair, and heavy hair.
Very realistic

You can choose between regular feet and standing feet options if you’re planning standing sex or vertical storage.

  • Weight: 74.9 lbs
  • Height: 5.4 ft
  • Waist: 20.5
  • Hips: 33.5

Technical Sex Doll Characteristics

  • The materials are metal for the skeleton and silicone for the body;
  • The vaginal depth is 6.3in;
  • The anal depth is 5.12in;
  • The oral depth is 2.4in;
  • The bra size is E;
  • The bust size is 31.9in.

ELLA Sex Doll: Pros & Cons


  • Three insertable canals: vaginal, oral, and anal;
  • Customization is cooler compared to the sex doll models mentioned above;
  • Convenient removable vagina option;
  • Incredibly long-lasting and firm skeleton construction inside.


  • Expensive;
  • Quite heavy;
  • The hair is not implanted – you’ll have to use the wigs;
  • Standing feet are mandatory – you’ll have to add this option to the order so that a tall sex doll like this could be stored safely.

5. TAYLOR Sex Doll

General Sex Doll Characteristics

  • 3 body tones are available for TAYLOR sex doll: white, natural, and tan;
  • There are 10 hairstyles (wigs);
  • You can choose among 4 eye colors: blue, green, brown, and blue-green.
Gentle body

Standing feet are highly recommended by the manufacturer – they help the doll sustain the upright position for standing sex or vertical storage.

  • Weight: 66.13 lbs
  • Height: 5.41 ft
  • Waist: 19.7
  • Hips: 31.5

Technical Sex Doll Characteristics

  • The materials are metal for the skeleton and silicone for the body;
  • The vaginal depth is 6.7in;
  • The anal depth is 5.9in;
  • The bra size is C;
  • The bust size is 29.5in.

TAYLOR Sex Doll: Pros & Cons


  • The weight and the height are in perfect balance;
  • Naturally appealing body curves;
  • Very soft and gentle body;
  • Gentle Asian facial features.


  • There’s no oral opening;
  • The hair is not built in – the sex doll will be wearing a wig;
  • It’s pricey.

IMPORTANT! Note that all sex dolls from the Future Doll Brand have additional accessories. They are not mandatory for the order, but they can improve the experience!

Additional accessories include:

  • Insertable penis (6 inches or 7.5 inches);
  • Additional sex doll heads;
  • A flight case for discreet traveling with your sex doll;
  • Wigs;
  • Pre-lubricated, insertable vagina for fast, comfortable sex;
  • Additional vagina replacement;
  • Vagina cleaning kit;
  • A heating rod for the vaginal and anal sex;
  • Convenient storage hooks;
  • A sex doll repair kit.

Sex Dolls: FAQs

What makes a sex doll an investment?

  • Sex dolls are perfect not only for solo action but for sex games with a partner;
  • A sex doll can have an insertable penis option, which makes it more versatile;
  • A sex doll is one of the best ways to reduce loneliness;
  • A sex doll is a possibility to experiment before you pass it on to your partner;
  • A sex doll is a very close-to-life experience comparing to simple sex toys and vibrators;
  • An orgasm you get with the help of a sex doll is a very healthy experience – it reduces the pain and restores your psychological health.

How long does a sex doll last?

A regular sex doll will work for you for about ten years. Of course, you shouldn’t ignore the maintenance. Besides, remember that water-based lubes are the best ones for sex dolls. If you don’t want to spend too much time cleaning and washing the sex doll, invest in an additional, insertable vagina.

What are sex doll skeletons made of?

A skeleton of a sex doll is based on metal. It has firm connectors and joints so that a sex doll could be placed in human-like poses.

Besides, a metal skeleton is strong enough to hold the weight up to 400 pounds. Additionally, there are sex dolls coming with reinforced and enhanced skeletons for a weight of about 600 pounds.

A premium-quality sex doll can imitate the poses of a human. It means that you shouldn’t make your sex doll get into unnatural positions. You can ruin the whole construction. Be gentle with your sex doll, but remember that rough sex is suitable for it.

What should I know about TPE in sex dolls?

TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) is cheaper, and it demands more attention and maintenance. However, it feels like real skin. Here are more things to know about TPE sex doll material:

  • It’s pleasant to the touch, but it’s not as long-lasting;
  • It’s one of the most popular materials for sex toys;
  • TPE is entirely safe for your body and has no unpleasant odors;
  • It warms from your body.

However, there are downsides. Long-term wear and tear bring it to breakage or deterioration. Also, even the best quality TPE sex toys get stained because they have pores that silicone does not have.

Dirt and bacteria can also be trouble, that’s why keeping TPE toys clean can become a burden if you don’t use them gently. Besides, TPE sex dolls, as well as the other sex toys made on the base of this material, should stay away from the heat. TPE has a tendency to melt in hot temperatures.

What should I know about medical-grade silicone for sex dolls?

It’s the best option for allergic people. It’s firmer than TPE but its surface is closer to the feeling of real skin. One of the greatest advantages of silicone is that it does not have pores. The absence of pores makes it stronger and damage-resistant.

However, you still have to pay special attention to the maintenance of silicone sex toys, especially, when it comes to the thin areas. If you don’t use special substances and powders of high quality, it will get sticky with time.

Another thing you should remember is that silicone sex toys can only be used with water-based lubricants.

One more thing to keep in mind is that silicone is not as bouncy as TPE. It’s harder and more resilient to the touch. If you’re looking for something more natural, invest more in a silicone sex doll.

Are there sex dolls with hybrid material?

Yes, there are. They are made on the base of TPE and silicone at the same time. TPE adds more “jiggling”, while the second one is all about the lifelike surface of a sex doll. A hybrid sex doll usually:

  • Has unique and non-habitual skin tones;
  • Has best quality implanted hair;
  • Has an incredibly detailed face;
  • Feels like a real woman to the touch.

Do sex dolls look like photos?

Of course, insignificant differences in skin tones and hair colors of sex dolls are possible because of the different lighting.

Nevertheless, the sex doll manufacturers understand that they bear the responsibility through selling expensive sex toys like these. They do their best to represent their sex products as close-to-life as possible.

Who needs a sex doll?

You’ll probably be surprised to know that there’s a ton of scientific research proving the benefits of sex dolls. Here is what our management has managed to find out:

  • Overcoming emotional traumas with sex dolls is not a myth;
  • The presence of sex doll within the household is not only about physical satisfaction but companionship and friendship as well;
  • A sex doll is a nonjudgmental partner for anyone willing to explore sexual orientation in the safest way (of course, the method is expensive, but it works for most people);
  • A person with physical disabilities or psychological conditions can experience discomfort while having sex with a real partner – a sex doll will never criticize you for your actions and for what you feel;
  • A sex doll can turn out to be a great investment for an elderly man who does not have a companion – even sleeping in a company with it can be pleasing;
  • If you’re an inventive couple, you’ll have no trouble exploring each other’s sexuality through a sex doll – it’s multifunctional and will be suitable for both men and women (especially if you invest in an additional insertable dildo).

Choosing a Realistic Sex Doll: Bottom Line

Choosing a sex doll is not as troublesome and awkward as you might think. Consider the following things:

  • Do you need a realistic sex doll with a height of a regular woman or will a mini sex doll do?
  • Do you need a full-body, realistic sex doll or a torso or another part of the body that will be suitable?
  • Are you going to use a sex doll with a partner? You’ll need to discuss the details with a partner first.
  • Are you planning to take your sex doll with you while traveling or are you going to use it only at home?
  • Are you planning to store a sex doll discreetly or right in your room?
  • Do you have enough room for the sex doll in your household?
  • Do you want your sex doll to last long? If yes, you’ll have to invest in a more expensive sex doll model with a metal skeleton and silicone for the body.
  • Are you interested in additional options, parts, and customization for the sex doll?

These questions are among the first ones to ask yourself before you start visiting various websites and start browsing through the catalogs.

A sex doll is a real investment. It will become your partner, and a partner for your partner as well. If you do have enough money to pay for a sex toy like this, pay attention to the following convenient options:

  • Removable vagina (you won’t have to get your toy to the bathroom after you’re done);
  • Vagina and anal canal cleaning kit (if your sex doll does not have a removable vagina);
  • A special warming rod (it will make your sex doll feel like a real woman);
  • A repair kit for your lady (if something goes wrong and you damage the surface);
  • A set of storage hooks (so that you could keep your sex toy in the wardrobe, vertically);
  • Water-based lube (if the surface material of your sex toy is silicone);
  • A special storage case that you can either keep under the bed or take with you while traveling.

You can play with your sex doll, change clothes and underwear (the information concerning the sizes of the dolls is usually presented on the official websites of the manufacturers).

Merely make sure you don’t ignore the maintenance because every single crack, burn, bump, and everything that can happen to the sex doll can lead to unsatisfying consequences.

TPE is the most fragile material. Silicone is the strongest one. Both of them are pleasant to the touch, but TPE should be kept under severe control.

Don’t forget to invest in such products as a water-based lubricant and talc (or cornstarch) if you use a realistic sex doll. Here are more tips on how to keep your sex doll clean and protected from bacteria:

  • If you’re willing to wash the whole realistic sex doll at once, remove the head and the wig and put it in the bath. Wash it with a soft cloth or a sponge soaked in warm, soapy water. Dry it with paper towels or any other soft and clean towels. A sex doll, as well as any other silicone sex toy made of silicone, needs an insignificant layer of talc not to become sticky if you don’t use it for a long time.
  • One of the most useful optional elements of the sex doll is the removable vagina. It greatly simplifies the cleaning.
  • Water-based lubricants are a must.

Invest in special “standing feet” options and reinforced skeleton joints for the sex doll to experience real sex sensations. Besides, reinforced joints will simplify the storage process.