The Ultimate Guide to Male Enhancement: The Top 3 Best Penis Extenders Compared

You want a thick and strong penis, but don’t want to go under the surgeon’s knife? The penis extender is your choice.

It’s a convenient and pleasant sex toy, making your penis more significant to make your partner scream. Almost all men know, that big penis will help you to prolong pleasure and give deeper penetration.


  • This technology lets you get extension forever
  • A retractive penis is not a trouble at all
  • All changes you can feel is that your sex turns so great


  • Statistics say that the average enlargement in length – 29%
  • You can get this result in 24 weeks
  • You get 200% guaranty for this extender


  • You can repeat the use two times per day
  • The results will be shown even at irregular use
  • It is very useful also if you use it once a couple of days only if you want


This is the best penis extender. It can add you 1 inch per month. It costs not so much and comfortable in use. We talk about the pros and cons, but it’s hard to find any cons in this device. We tried to be impartial and honest, and we will tell you everything about this sex toy.

Our Pick
Best results

The effect of this sex toy is prooved by real specialists so you can be sure in your safety.

  • 1 inch plus
  • Fixing curvature
  • Materials tested
  • Traction gentling

About the toy

Work of this sex toy based on the traction. Small tears in your penis come because of traction; it is painless and doesn’t make your life more complicated. being restored from this damage, your body repairs itself by going through a process known as “mitosis”, followed by “cytokinesis.”

As a result, you get your colossal penis – it won’t get smaller after any time, change, or get fewer feelings.


  • Best results forever;
  • This device doesn’t hurt at all. Traction goes slowly and gently, so you won’t get anything uncomfortable during the use;
  • You can have sex even after this device. It doesn’t influence at you sexual libido and make you sex harder or more painful;
  • There is no risk with it. You don’t get any severe harm except micro-tears, it’s not any harm actually;
  • The easiest use. Just follow the instruction to get the real result, there are no difficult processes of put on or use, so all the pros are definite;
  • You can stop if you feel that it’s enough. Operation of the extension assumes that you establish a specific size which receives as a result. Sometimes you cannot have sex, and after that, you can see that your dick had grown much bigger than her vagina can accommodate and hurts during a penetration. The best sex will be forgotten forever;
  • All materials tested from the dermatological and allergy side, their safety is confirmed by doctors;
  • You can get 1 inch plus per month with right regular using. It is the most significant doctor-approved result in the world;
  • This device can fix the penis curvature of all levels. It gets more straight and beautiful. You’ll feel more confident in all the spheres of your life.


  • You won’t get the result after the first uses, because it works not too quickly and at the beginning, the result is not apparent. But you can be patient, and everything will be okay.
  • It is costly enough. Nearly $120 for one extender is too much for most of the men, but it’s a fair price.

2. SizeGenetics

This device is mighty. The beautiful and unusual form makes your penis better in a couple of months. The extension goes softly, and you do not get any pain, only big dick, and relaxation.

Result – 24 weeks

The materials are safe, don’t cause allergy or irritates for all the time of use.

  • Enlargement – 29%
  • 200% guaranty
  • Cure for curvature
  • Lots of certificates

About the toy

This penis extender looks like most of the usual models. But it is fixed under the glans, so you get another feeling. You pull your penis in it, put the belt size at its root, and put another ring on the glans. So it’s very great and easy.


  • If you don’t get any results of the use, the producer will give all your money doubled back to you;
  • The enlargement is doctor approved, and you can be sure in it, there are lots of certificates and other proofs on the Web-site of the producer;
  • This extender perfectly suits as a cure for curvature. This extender can fix even the hardest curves, so it is an excellent pro for all the users with curved penises;
  • Even the specialists in general and plastic surgery approve the enlargement of this extender. Doctor Jorn Ege Siana passed it, look on the producer’s site and get sure by yourself;
  • You can stop at any moment if you feel that’s enough. If you have a permanent partner in sex look at the reaction and stop when it’s enough, because a too big penis is also evil;
  • There are lots of reviews on the site; you can see the results by your eyes before purchase. Keep your children out the screen while checking reviews!


  • It takes more time than other devices and enlargement is slow enough.
  • Fixation under glans suits to only part of men. Also, it can be painful, and if your glans is very sensitive or just not so big, you should avoid this extender.
  • Because of fixation under glans, you can get some callosities and irritates, and sex can get forbidden for you for all the time of use.
  • You can’t use it for a really long time in a day. Also, it is hard to go with it even in your house, you can only lie in bed or sit on the chair.
  • It is even more costly than a device from 4X labs. We think the price is not so fair looking on this extenders cons.

3. PeniMaster Pro

Both of these extenders have fresh results on your size. Your penis gets more prominent every day, and it is perfect for regular use.

2 times per day

Dr Ignacio Moncada, famous surgeon, working in the penis extending sphere, approved enlargement both of these extenders.

  • Fixation on a glans
  • Comfort
  • Medically approved
  • Made in Germany

About the toy

The idea of the increase in a penis using the hanging of small weights was known still in the very ancient time, but now it reached an absolutely new level. The low weights which fixed with correctly verified weight stretch it also, as well as in the ancient time, but safely and without serious consequences.


  • All the materials are medically approved, it is made in Germany. Laws about pharmaceutical production are very strict in this country, and each product is checked very attentively, so the unconfirmed product would not get on the market. Maximum safety!
  • The British Journal approves the results in the cure of the curvature of Urology. It is a severe medical journal, so it is an excellent accept from real doctors practising penis extending every day;
  • Enlargement from the use stays with you forever, and it is safe and high. You penis always will be as much as you want it and as you made it;
  • You don’t need to go under the surgeons knife, and all you need is to use it every day or less;
  • Fixation on a glans is very convenient, it is entirely closed and recorded; therefore you get the only comfort.


  • The enlargement comes slowly so it will be effective only if you are using it for months or years. It is a long process with all the extenders, but actually, this works longer than all the other.
  • We’re not sure that putting weights when the penis is already on traction with strings is a good idea. It can be too much, and you’ll get some real hurt.
  • It can be painful if you put on too many weights. Yes, you should follow the instruction to avoid all the pain and discomfort, but this unsafety is a real fail.
  • This device packs are costly. It’s price hardly corresponds with lots of cons.
  • It looks weird, and it is a bit scary to put your penis in it. It seems like a torment tool. Also if it will change the colour, you won’t see, and it is a great con. Don’t forget that if your penis got blue or red or any other colour you should stop use, put it off, and if weird colour stays more then an hour call the doctor.
  • Other extenders require only to put on and relax. With this extender, you spend lots of time just to put it on and calibrate.
  • Protecting side for the glans can irritate sensitive skin and cause lots of pain. It’s too rude for gentle places and doesn’t suit for a prolonged use.

Why can you need penis extension?

If we talk about sex with women, the penis of bigger size lets you reach her G-dot. G-spot orgasm makes sex much better. G-spot is an inside part of her clitoris. If you like sexual education, you know that clit is huge.

It not only a small point in its vulva, but also a complex system which has an erection from excitement to the clitoris is sensitive and actively reacts to influence.

If you didn’t know it, read more, and learn how to make sex better. G-spot is the place in which you can stimulate an internal part of a clitoris in the best way. With a big penis, you can stimulate her G-spot and give her the great orgasm.

If we talk about sex with men, the rectum is a significant and complicated system. And if you have a bigger penis, you can stimulate the second sphincter and give more pleasure.

What can do good penis extender?

  • It can make your penis longer;
  • Penis enlargement is possible too;
  • It can get thicker;
  • It gets straighter. Peyronie / IPP leave you forever! It can be a real trouble but actually you can fix it fast and painless;
  • Exlargement of the glans is beneficial too. Big glans is the best plus for sex with men and women also;
  • Recovery of foreskin makes your life better! Some men had removal of there foreskin without there will to it in early years and want to get it back. Extender helps to get it;
  • Retractive penis starts to grow. Retraction is a disease when it gets smaller during the time, and you can fix it without the surgeon;
  • Premature ejaculation leaves you forever. You get long and hard sex forever. Sensitivity doesn’t change, but sex is longer;
  • Improvement of the erection is a dream of most of the men and your reality if you use the device.

That’s why you should use extender if you want a big penis without pain. Hope we helped you to choose the best penis extender and get and give real pleasure with your partner.