You can use them in numerous ways because it’s not merely a sphincter accessory. It’s a multifunctional device looking like small balls on a string. However, never try using any other kinds of beads for your anal pleasure.

Even the cheapest anal bead options are anatomically designed and safe for the user.

Butt plugs and anal beads have nothing in common except for one of the basic usage options. Never confuse them.

Butt plugs are harder for the beginner, comparing to anal beads. Firstly, anal beads are longer while the plugs are short. Secondly, a butt plug gives a feeling of fullness and pressure, while anal beads provide a wider range of sensations. Besides, one of the most pleasing feelings with anal beads is the sensation you get while removing the toy. It makes the orgasm more intensive.

Beads can be of the same size or a different size, gradually increasing while going up the string. Read further to learn about the basic and additional usage options.

Use ONLY Anal Beads Specifically Designed for the Anal

You don’t want to lose things in your butt, do you? Pushing toys out with the vaginal muscles is not hard, which is not the same with anal.

Sex toys designed for anal penetration usually have loops or handles in the bottom so that the removal will not cause any trouble. It’s one of the super important things to consider before placing anything in the butt. A trip to the emergency is not the best thing you might desire after having enjoyable sex or masturbating.

You Don’t Have to Use All Anal Beads

Don’t get scared of the length. There’s no need in inserting the whole thing at once. There are no exact rules on how to apply them. Even a couple of beads inserted in the butt can be enough for you, and there’s no need in pushing the whole thing further.

Purchase Sets of Different Anal Beads for the Anus & Vagina

The removal feeling can be evenly pleasing for the vagina and the butt. However, you mustn’t mix the anal beads for the butt and the vagina for bacterial reasons.

Once you place the toy in your butt, you shouldn’t place it in the vagina unless you make sure it’s clean and properly maintained. Purchase a separate set destined to stimulate the vagina. Anal beads are among the cheapest toys available, and getting a couple of sets will save you from a lot of health troubles. A trip to the doctor’s office will cost you even more.

Insertion and Removal Are Not the Only Tactics

One of the best things about anal beads is their multi-functionality. How does it happen? You can use it for exciting foreplay. If you don’t know, one of the most sensitive areas is the one between the anus and the genitals. It’s called the perineum.

Massage this area with the anal beads and a bit of lube. If you’ve never done anything like this before, you’ll enjoy the feeling.

You can use different types of anal beads for sex stimulation. Pay attention to the choice of the material.

  • Glass and steel ones are rigid but more sensitive to the temperature – it means that you can heat them with the body temperature and keep on using them warm.
  • Silicone ones are more flexible and smooth, which is perfect for beginners.

Consider getting vibrating anal beads for keener pleasure. Of course, basic anal beads are always great, but more expensive vibrating options are even more exciting and pleasing.

Get Maximum Oomph Synching with the Orgasm

As the anal beads removal process makes them so physically satisfying, postpone the process to sync up with the orgasm of your partner. As soon as you feel you are ready to orgasm, start getting the beads out deliberately, one by one, consistently.

The motion should not be too slow. This way, you will heighten the muscle sensation and the contractions caused by the orgasmic climax.

Make Sure the Lubricant Is Suitable for Your Anal Beads

If you choose silicone ones, never apply them with a silicone-based lubricant. Of course, silicone-based lubes are among the best for anal, but they are not compatible with silicone-based toys.

The best choice is a water-based lubricant. It will not degrade the anal beads, and it’s a healthier option.

Rigid and steel anal beads can be used with any kind of lube. If you are interested in a thick layer of lube, you’ll need a silicone one, but in this case, you’ll have to stay away from silicone toys. If you’ve already purchased a set of silicone anal beads, purchase a thicker water-based lube. It will cost you more, but you will never regret buying it.

Sanitizing the Lube Container Is Important!

If you’re already in the anal play and grab your lube container for another portion, don’t forget to sanitize the lubricant container or bottle afterward. An automatic lube dispenser might come in handy. You can also buy disposable cups with lube. A disposable cup is enough for one session, and you merely dispose of it in the end.

Don’t Confuse It with a Butt Plug

A butt plug is incomparable to anal beads. Anal beads bring you to a new level of sensations.

Butt plugs are designed to fill you from the inside and provide pressure and additional stimulation. They stay in all the time, while anal beads need moving in and out to provide stimulation. Beads are stimulating the butt hole and its nerve endings through gentle massage without the feeling of fullness.

Not All Cheap Anal Beads Are Safe

Avoid buying the cheapest anal beads on a string. It’s hard to keep them clean because these beads are usually connected with fabric strings, which is not hygienic. Besides, the string can turn out to be fragile. The surface of the plastic beads can also be not smooth enough for such a sensitive area as the anus.

Silicone Is Perfect for the Newbies

Silicone is among the best choices for the majority of sex toys because it does not have pores.

The maintenance is easier, which makes the sex toy hygienic and safe for private parts. Cleaning silicone toys is simple – you merely soak them in warm soapy water and let them dry on their own. It’s the same with the glass and steel beads, but they are rigid, which is not acceptable for some of the buyers.

Go Solo

If you are in a relationship, start using beads on your own, without your partner. This way you’ll find out what makes you feel comfortable. It’s about all sex toys.

Never make anyone insert your sex toy unless you understand how it works.

When you understand what makes you feel comfortable, it’s time for a short conversation with your partner concerning your preferences. As soon as both of you are ready for the experiment, don’t forget about the foreplay and get everything prepared (lube, wet wipes, tissues, and additional sex toys).

Start Small!

Sometimes when buying sex toys, you can make a mistake with the size because your eyes can turn out to be larger than your anus. A basic set of anal beads usually starts with smaller ones getting bigger to the bottom.  If you are a beginner, start with no more than four small to medium bulbs. Don’t promise your anus that it will manage to deal with the toy unless you try something smaller.

Go Slower with Much Lube

Inserting the beads and taking them out should be slow and steady. Never rip the line of beads out. It will not only spoil the experience but can hurt as well. Besides, if you are moving the beads steadily, you’ll feel unpredictably pleasing sensations. Beads are not a dildo – they are more than that.

IMPORTANT! Be careful when you play with the anal tissues. The anus does not offer as much lubrication as the other private parts.

Have a generous amount of lube, especially, for the first try. You’ll never regret it. You’ll avoid any friction. Remember to get a water-based lube if your toy is made of silicone. Metal and glass beads can be used withal all types of lubricants. Apply the lube both to the beads and to the body.

Breathe Deeper

Pelvic floor physical therapists say that the slower and steadier you go, the better. Anything you perform with your butt should be done with a decent amount of lubricant. It’s unlikely going to be painful, but anal tissue is very fragile for sex, and you should protect it from any potential danger.

Practice deep breathing.

Diaphragm breathing will make the whole process easier. If you have no idea what diaphragm breathing is, try the following tactic:

  • Place your hand on the upper chest;
  • Place the other hand a bit higher than the belly button;
  • Breath in through the nose.

If everything is done right, the hand that was over the belly button should move before the one on the chest. You should try not to make the chest move at all while breathing.

A Condom Will Help If You Are Not Alone

If your sex toy is made of porous materials, additional protection will come in handy. Such material as jelly can cause problems with hygiene.

If your partner and you share the toy, a condom can become one of your greatest friends. It will simplify the maintenance and protect from bacteria. Put a new condom on the toy when switching it with your partner. It already has lubricant on it, which is also convenient. Make sure there are no numbing or chilling agents on the condom not to spoil the sensations from the anal massage.

Baby Wipes Are Very Convenient

Your digestive system can surprise you in the process, as well as the other things happening in your body. Wet baby wipes can help you deal with a lot of mess in the process. It’s a very convenient quick clean that should be:

  • Hypoallergenic;
  • Unscented;
  • Alcohol-free.

The best way to avoid the mess is to have a bowel movement in an hour before you start using anal beads. Then, wash the anal area thoroughly with usual soap and warm water. Afterward, use those baby wipes to deal with the mess if it happens. A salt bath after sex or masturbation will purify and pamper the sore muscles.

Wash and Laundry Afterwards Are a Must

The bacteria in your anus can be dangerous even for you if you don’t deal with it afterward. Wash any dirty sheets and towels, get rid of the condoms, and thoroughly clean your sex play accessories with warm soapy water. Never leave your stuff around for a long time.

Use Beads in Different Ways

The main purpose of the anal beads is to take them out of the anus when you are close to orgasm. It will be a very different take comparing to the habitual orgasms that you’re used to having during sex.

You can also apply them for sensual sex massage or warmup. You can even leave them in up to two or three hours. Of course, going overboard is not acceptable. Sleeping with anal beads can be dangerous for your health.

Try Vibration

One of the best options is remotely-controlled beads. They will add up new sensations. You can also use a small vibrating bullet and fix it near the anus or on the flared base of the toy.

IMPORTANT! Never stick a vibrator in your anus! You don’t want to call the emergency after another great orgasm, right?

The vibration will relax the anus muscles and simplify the insertion into the sphincter.

Start with The Smallest Bead

Don’t move to a larger bead until you start with the smallest one. Insert it and take it out several times before you feel you are relaxed enough for deeper penetration.

Try Multitasking

Use the anal bulbs for any erotic matters. Masturbate, play with nipples, or massage your partner with them. You can do whatever you find pleasing, no matter how awkward it might seem. Are you into penetrative sex? You can wear the beads in the process. It will be an extra-pleasing sensation for both partners to try.

How to Use Anal Beads: Bottom Line

In the end, we want to go over the basics, so that you are sure you’re doing everything properly and safely:

  • Make sure you choose the right ones for you (shape, size, length, and material);
  • Never ignore hygiene practices;
  • Get plenty of lubricant (you’ll need a water-based one if you’re using a silicone toy);
  • They are perfect for masturbation;
  • Remember that they are not only for anal penetration;
  • Communicate with your partner before you take out the toy in the process of intimacy.